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    Diagnostic code PO236
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    I have an Edge Revolution that I use on my 1996 F350 7.3 turbo diesel. I did a diagnostic today and got a PO236 which has something to do with my turbo sensor. Does anyone know what I would need to do to correct and can I fix it myself? Thanks DB
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    This is a common code you will see with a programmer or chip. if it does not set the SES light I would not concern myself with it.

    "0236* MAP Turbo boost sensor A ckt performance Uses Inferred MAP signal Restricted inlet/exhaust/supply hose, "

    This is not far from home...
    Have Late 99 (4/17) XL psd 4X SC Dually, 4" T-409 turbo back exhaust, Turbo Stuff done... Injector Stuff Done.. , Autometer A pillar setup, Warn Tranformer Grill, and a 16.5 ti Winch ..36' Montana 5er a whole bunch GCVW
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