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  1. Dee Smith
    Dee Smith
    Ok I need some help again? I just done a seat swap in my 99 F250 it had a manual seat, I put in a power driver seat out of a 2003 F350 `la
  2. Threesuns1
    2000 F250 original owner
  3. cory davis
    cory davis
    Interior lights flashing and TPMS light on, after replacing tires and TPMS sensors the other day. Any ideas to correct this?
  4. Wayland Walker
    Wayland Walker
    2016 Ford F350 6L
  5. bears4x4
    I’m back
  6. Cliff Johnson
    Cliff Johnson IBSTROKIN
    Delete my account please
  7. i-Henry
    Learn something new every day.
    Wishing someone would DELETE this account from this board!
  9. TapsMan
    Proud owner of a 2019 F250 6.7L and will be spending all my monies to make it more rad ass. President of Taps Truck Accessories, Inc.
  10. ALbert CUSSON
    ALbert CUSSON DaveBen
    well found out I was using wrong obd2 elm 327 it works im using for scan and through accident i found these codes after just a injection test all pcm p1271 to p1278 does any one know how to narrow this down I did not too ago see a short in valve cover via wireing to injectors/glo plugs did replace but did not clear computer if that makes a difference does it?