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    Towing Capacity Question

    GrayDually, I looked your truck up, Tow Capacity is listed as 12,500# w/ a 4.10:1 rear end And Yes, there are a lot of truck / trailer combos out there that are overloaded. Always a potential for mechanical failure or even an accident.
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    Towing Capacity Question

    First you can Not increase the carrying capacity by adding air bags! Thye are just for leveling. Payload is the max you can add to the truck including any tung weight, Add curb weight to get GVWR CCWR is loaded truck and trailer. example; With a 20,000# CCWR; If your fully loaded truck weighs...
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    Question Park sensors

    Message on DIC says "Check Rear Park Aid". wiped off sensors, same message. While in "R" camera works but NO beeping for proximity. Due for an oil change, so I told dealer to check back up system. They said they " We checked it and there were no error codes" When I picked it up, (service...
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    2012 transmission

    rlaspinall, What is your maintenance schedule for the 2011 ?
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    Emissions Recall 21E01

    I hear you! That does sucks and I agree with your theory. Keep after the stealership, If that don't work try corporate Maybe someone here will respond with a workaround. Good Luck!
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    Emissions Recall 21E01

    Have you received this letter?
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    10 speed shudder when shifting

    Tow / Haul mode on or off ? Fluid Temp correct ? Fluid Level ? Under warranty ?? Back to the dealer !
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    Disaster Proof Kit

    Questions, What is the failure rate of the CP4 pump? What is the cause of the failure? and Is there any TSB on this?
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    Ignition switch problem?

    If all is good, fuses, relay, etc., Then by all means Repair or Replace switch !
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    Ignition switch problem?

    The first thing I would do, using a muti-meter, is probe the harness connector at the switch.
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    I put DEF in my fuel tank...

    'Carbonation' is correct. Drop the tank, and remove pump combo unit. Clean tank with a good cleaner. Once you put everything back together, fill with fuel And add "Clear-Diesel" from Power Service.
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    Towing capacity from newbie

    Click here; 2019 Super Duty Tech Specs ( Also, Very Important! Take whatever you want to tow to a public scale!
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    2011 Cranks but will not start?

    Hey gary, I have a 2011 also. Have you load tested both batteries ?
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    “Injector Flush”

    carbonation, How do you think Alliant compares to Stanadyne ? Just curious, I haven't used either one yet.
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    2017 Check 4x4 Wrench light-Help!

    :thumbs Sounds good pizzaguy! Gotta like that extended warranty! I know I do. :mxmas Merry Christmas everyone! :sled1

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