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  1. Fine69

    Can finally post

    WOW! I gotta say, this new software blows! Think I'll spend more time workin on my truck than here......
  2. Fine69

    DPF Delete

    I bought all my stuff from Rudy's, link below. Inspections are no big deal, it takes about an hour to go back to stock if needed. Keep in mind, you can't just buy a DPF delete, you need a tuner also. Rudy's Diesel Performance Kits and Diesel Performance Parts.
  3. Fine69

    DPF Delete

    Do it! You'll love your truck even more! I have absolutely ZERO regrets on deleting my DPF and DOC.
  4. Fine69

    Question Ten Thousand Dollar Mark and still love/hate it!

    Sounds like its time to buy some mods!:stir
  5. Fine69

    6.7 failure

    Looks like a Cab and Chassis truck, I haven't heard of any pickup failures.
  6. Fine69

    What do you do?

    Union Electrician, IBEW Local#5 Pittsburgh
  7. Fine69

    New Holland parts

    Anybody know a good website for New Holland tractor parts? The dealer near me has $hitty hours, prices, and the employee's act like they're doing you a favor looking up parts.
  8. Fine69

    DPF useage

    Using the H&S tunes I gained 2-3mpg around town. Using the Kem Performance 345, I would estimate 3-4. It's hard to say, with the new found power, I RARELY try to get maximum mileage.:sly:sly:sly
  9. Fine69

    DPF useage

    You will kick yourself for not doing it sooner!
  10. Fine69

    DPF useage

    My truck never seems to go into regen anymore......:sly :lmao:lmao:lmao:lmao
  11. Fine69

    Kurt Busch suspended again!

    How long until this Azzhat runs out of chances? Be nice if Nascar would send him and his loser brother packing! Jayski's® NASCAR Silly Season Site - NASCAR Sprint Cup News Page
  12. Fine69

    Wife needs a new car

    I'm looking to get my Wife a new car. She currently has an 07 Expedition 4x4 Limited. I'd like to get her a new Expedition, but the 2012 is pretty much exactly the same as hers. Anybody know any inside info as to if Ford plans to update the Expedition's? I REALLY like the looks of the new...
  13. Fine69

    question about banks tuner

    If you're going to buy a 6.4 get either an SCT with custom tunes from Innovative, or an H&S MiniMax with tunes from KEM Performance. Save yourself alot of headaches and money and skip the Banks garbage!
  14. Fine69

    Our latest edition (baby boy)

    Congrats Stephen!
  15. Fine69

    I'm a Dad! (Again)

    Thanks and Congrats to you too!
  16. Fine69

    I'm a Dad! (Again)

    Just brought the Wife and my new Little Girl, Emily home. Both are doing great! 8lbs, 3oz. 20" long.
  17. Fine69

    Found this on another Forum

    Just another of the many reasons NOT to live in Commie-Fornia!
  18. Fine69

    Question Tire size

    I'm running 35x13.5x20 Nitto Terra Grapplers on my stock 20x8 wheels.
  19. Fine69


    Just change it yourself. Click on User CP, then edit details. You can make it say anything you want.
  20. Fine69

    Question Tuning, any regrets.

    I have no regrets whatsoever!
  21. Fine69

    2008 trucks

    Borrowed from PSN-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Job 1 Build dates 01-07 thru 06-07 First builds of the 08's. Lower valence in front on front bumper much shorter than later job builds. Radiators would leak, most should be replaced...
  22. Fine69

    Question Pyro temps

    My H&S Mini Max defuels at 1450*, so stock should be fine at the same.
  23. Fine69

    rant Oh g*d d**m it

    You let your wife drive your truck?:eek::dunno:eek: Mine knows better than to even ask to drive my truck.
  24. Fine69

    MBRP vs Magnaflow exhaust

    I've used MBRP exhausts before and they were great! Fit and finish were perfect! I'd also reconsider the Spartan. Call the guys at Rudy's and talk to them about the H&S Mini Max with KEM tunes. I love mine!
  25. Fine69

    Want to Purchase a H&S Programer

    Yeah, Rudy's has better prices.

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