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  1. Tsuperduty

    How are the 6.7's

    We have a 2016 F-350 SRW LB with 110K on it. We pull a 15K 5th wheel 3-4K a year plus other car trailers as well. We have not had any significant issues. This is our second 6.7 and we have been totally satisfied with both of them. We have serviced it every 5K, installed a 65 gallon Titan...
  2. Tsuperduty

    New Crazy Bright Lights

    David, I went online to read up on the manufacturer of these lights. They have some pretty bad reviews regarding some of their other products so didn't learn much about the lights. Keep us posted on your longer term experience with these! I am on my second 6.7 and have NOT been happy with...
  3. Tsuperduty

    Blue book

    depends upon what we are pulling but our worst milage is about 10mpg so we are over six hundred with some to spare. If we are running around without a tow, we see the computer go past 900 miles range on a full tank!
  4. Tsuperduty


    Try Meguires, They have a better product I believe.
  5. Tsuperduty

    Blue book

    Exactly! We just totaled our beloved 2011 F250 Short Bed and opted to replace it with a 2016 F350 8' bed. It is a monster but does pull our 35' Solitude 5er better. By better, I mean, more stable, better brakes, smoother when pulling, love the B&W stationary hitch, etc. We "quit" driving in...
  6. Tsuperduty


    Look at Meguiars Plastic Restorer and similar products by Mother's, Griots, etc. All have excellent products.
  7. Tsuperduty

    Saying good bye to my 7.3 for 6.7

    I had a 2011 F-250 Lariat CC, 4X4 SB, (immaculate) which got totaled last year ('17) at 99,000 miles. I replaced it with a 2016 F-350 King Ranch 4X4 CC, LB. The insurance company allowed me $32K + tax for the '11 and I paid $45K for an excellent condition 70K mile '16. I feel that my '11...
  8. Tsuperduty

    What is the Standard industry Gear ratio

    I have owned a 2011 F-250 6.7 with a 3:55 and currently have a 2016 F-350 with a 3:31. I much prefer the 3:31 for pulling our 14,000 lb 5th Wheel over the 3:55. The higher ratio was always trying to shift down into the next lower gear. I also must say that my '11 got about 2 miles per gallon...

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