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    Stolen truck, looking for replacement

    Yeah I need to research smog law and what is required. I know before 2003 there's not an egr, and after 2008 there's way smog stuff each generation. Do you have a shop that you recommend ? My old truck was reliable the shop that worked on the minor stuff didn't work on any other diesel...
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    Replacing stolen truck

    My 2006 crew cab 4X4 with a manual transmission was stolen. It's difficult to find a 6.0 with a manual so I'm looking at 7.3 cause there's more of them available. Some sellers are claiming under 150k miles. I find that low mileage hard to believe. What should I look out for? Also I have heard...
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    Stolen truck, looking for replacement

    Thanks for the responses, The main reason I'm looking at the 7.3 is because I have actually found a few with the ZF6 manual. I was the original owner of my 2006. It was in excellent condition, try proving that to an insurance company. First they wanted documentation, no problem sent off a 100 pg...
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    Stolen truck, looking for replacement

    Well, my 2006 F350 4x4 Crew Cab was stolen last month. It was an XLT with a 6 speed manual, I have been looking for another truck and not having much luck. I really want to stay with a manual transmission and there aren't that many out there. Also want SWD and the 6.5 bed. I have found a few...
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    6.0L WITH P0405 CODE

    Also check that you have the correct erg as there are two different ones , they have different voltages. Strange but true.
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    Rust Problem Ford Motor Company no help

    After going to a couple of Ford Dealers and body shops, I have been told that the only way to permanently fix the bubbling paint over my rear window is to replace the roof. This will cost between 5-6 k. I live in San Diego far enough from the beach where salt air wasn't a problem. I contacted...
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    shifter knob

    That's how mine also came off. One day it just came off in my hand while I was shifting from third to fourth gear. I glued it back on the shifter and about 2-3 months later I started hearing this funny little rattle while driving. It drove me crazy for a couple of weeks trying to figure out...
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    DANG! Brakes and shocks already!!!

    I have 55,000 on my 06 and my tire dealer says they're in good shape. At least 8,000 have been done pulling a 5th wheel. I would have another shop take a look, maybe the dealer is jumping the gun to sell you parts.
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    Going to a 5th wheel from a cabover

    I have a stock 06 with the FX 4x4 package and I had to flip the axles on my 5th wheel trailer. I would have a trailer dealer check out your vehicle to see if it's too high to safely pull a 5th wheel. My trailer sits about an inch or two higher up front when it's hooked up. I would be careful on...
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    Swapping truck beds.

    If you find out please post the amount.
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    Swapping truck beds.

    I'm not in the market for a new bed, but just out of curiosity how much do they want for a bed?
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    multiple transmissions?

    No, they work on automatics. Go to gearvendors web site and they have all sorts of information. My truck is 4X4 and I'm to cheap to drop the necessary cash needed for the kit.
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    multiple transmissions?

    My Dad has a gear vendor in his Dodge Truck. It's still going strong after 14 years. I've always enjoyed driving it's nice to double your gears. You can move the unit from one truck to another. It's an electronic unit they do need to cut your drive shaft to install.
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    Back Up Sensor Conversion

    When I bought my 2006 F350 I talked to the dealer about having the sensors installed, they quoted me $250 for the job. There was no talk about changing the bumper. One of these days I get around to having it done.
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    Extra fuel capacity

    After getting no responses I reread this thread especially the link just before my post. Thanks Al, for all your research and hard word! I 'm going to pass the link on to other people who are interested in auxiliary tanks.
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    Extra fuel capacity

    I live in San Diego were diesel is now at $4.55 -$4.85 a gallon as I speak. It's been crazy this last year. In Tijuana the price is around $2.50 a gallon. I want to add an additional tank( in bed would be fine) so far it sounds like adding a tank and having a pump is the easiest way and...
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    manual or auto

    After you do some research you will realize that changing your truck from auto to a manual is going to cost way to much money. Sell your old truck and buy what you want, in the end you'll be dollars and smiles ahead. Any time you do a major switch like that the parts you'll need just add up. If...
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    What to look for when buying used 6.0

    The other point about a manual shift is when in reverse they go back quickly. Mine backs up at about 8-10 mph. It seems quick if your not used to that speed in reverse or in tight spots. Other than this quirk manuals are the way to go when you tow in my opinion.
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    Best deal on Fuel Filters???

    On 5/23 I went to my local International dealer with the above post's part numbers. The oil filter was on back order and they wanted $21, The fuel filters were $40 something but I could have them for $41. I said aren't the fuels $31 and was told No, the old ones used to be $31 but the new...
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    Dealer warrantee

    I believe Ford upped the warranty to 5 yrs 50k. I'm not sure if that's for 06 or 07.
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    Thanks S&K, I called up my International Dealer, he had the fuel filters for $31. I lost the paper and forgot on which thread the oil filter numbers where posted. I tried using the VT365 engine numbers and got some quotes of 28 &33 for the oil, I'll try using your numbers on Monday.
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    Best deal on Fuel Filters???

    Thanks to everybody who posted on this thread. I called up my local international dealer, they have them for $31.It's funny they won't give out any part numbers over the phone.They think you're might look or buy from another source.Does any one have the International oil filter number? I tried...
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    Thanks, S&K I give it a try.
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    Thanks for the reply BP. On another thread I thought someone id the 6.0 as the VT365. Has anyone tried to buy filters from International ? Do filters for that series meet Ford standards. I love my truck but it irks me to pay so much for filters.
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    Why do 6.0 filters cost so much? I looked at the link given on this page and gasped. I'm getting up to 15k miles on my 2006. The first 2 oil changes were free the dealer offered them as a selling point.I'm new to diesels so I thought all diesels filters were expensive. What gives? The Dodge and...

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