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  1. bushpilot

    Auxiliary fuel tank in bed of 2016 F350 SWB

    that one holds 50 gallons, I think (now) they make it in a 40 gal....which provides a combined total of nearly 90 gallons I added an optional filler neck/port on the passenger side so that I could fill both (factory & aux) tanks at RV or Truck Islands. My less fancy (smooth finish aluminum)...
  2. bushpilot

    I'm back....

    Been several years since I posted anything....still have my '04 6.0L (149k)...will be selling it. Recently picked up a '17 Platinum long bed (love the larger fuel tank)....MAN what a truck! I bought it while my wife was out of - so I had to be kinda creative getting myself too the dealer and...
  3. bushpilot

    Auxiliary fuel tank in bed of 2016 F350 SWB

    First - do the math, consider HOW MANY more gallons of capacity you'll get per dollar spent on the new WONT beat an in bed tank price per gallon. I put an ATTA Tank in my 2004 F350 (long bed) - Aluminum Tank & Truck Accessories (aka ATTA) makes several shapes & styles. I installed a...
  4. bushpilot

    Now Is The Time To Buy (If You Can)

    of your brothers truck and the good wondering...who did their service ? it seems like folks that do their own service seem to have FEWER problem....
  5. bushpilot

    Weird Fuel Gauge Issue....

    sending unit or a bad connection / ground
  6. bushpilot

    Question stock trans temp gauge

    what year/engine/trans ?
  7. bushpilot

    2008 super duty A/C problems
  8. bushpilot

    Truck wont accelerate

    'cept hes got a 2004 6.0L
  9. bushpilot

    Truck wont accelerate

    how do you know it doesnt show any codes ? what are you using to scan for codes ? are the intercooler boots on & on TIGHT ? hearing any unusual noises ? has the throttle response been smooth ? or kinda erratic ? lets stick to ONE thread for the same issue ! double posting for the...
  10. bushpilot

    Truck wont accelerate

    got any xtra gauges (other than the factory ones) ? whats the boost gauge showing ? whats the EGT gauge showing ? has it been smoking any ? is it bucking under load ? smooth idle ? whens the last time you changed the fuel filters and drained the HFCM ?
  11. bushpilot

    ABS wire

    autoenginuity would pull those codes
  12. bushpilot

    ABS wire

    you sure its spliced together properly ? is the other wheel sensor ok ? scanned it for codes ? might not be the sensor you think it is. honestly Id just replace it......i think the splice is gonna end up giving you problems later.
  13. bushpilot

    comment Battery Terminal wrench choice?

    i use a 5/16ths or 8mm ratchet-ing wrench (aka gear wrench).
  14. bushpilot

    4th Turbo Replacement

    mine sits for weeks sometimes...I work from home and dont drive it or it gets run to the airport or home and ive never had an issue. at mikes current turbo exchange rate & miles he's goin' thru a turbo every 5500 miles !?!
  15. bushpilot

    Announcement Locking Fuel Caps on Sale 7/18/08

    says they normally sell for 19 bucks. Ive putting off ordering one w/ a combination i dont have to have a key or turn the truck off (although come to think of it i dont have to do that since i have the viper alarm).
  16. bushpilot

    Question Awesome Transformations

    Its been several years but i bought some lloyds carpet mats from Awesome Transformations, I never had any problems, but i dont let anyone wrench on my cars/trucks or motorcycles. Have you talked to ranch hand or diesel innovation up the road a piece @ 1960 & jones ? you buy the beer, ill...
  17. bushpilot

    Question Can Hardly Get Truck To Crank!

    has the hpop been checked ?
  18. bushpilot

    Cat delete pipe

    DONT cut the cat out...youll never be able to put it back in (w/out a welder, etc) ! The MBRP test pipe fits the stock exhaust (and just about every after market system out there). the MBRP test pipe is EXACTLY the same length & size (including the flange & bolts) as the factory CAT...
  19. bushpilot

    If you are stupid...

    boxed frame hell...that guy needed a ROLL CAGE !
  20. bushpilot

    MTX Thunderforms

    I understand the orientation (horizontal)...the truck isn't flat back there either. the dimensions of the mtx thunderform box is 7" high by almost 11" deep
  21. bushpilot

    MTX Thunderforms

    man i dont know how youll get two tens under the rear seat...even if theyre the new low profile theyll stick WAY out ! i raised the seat of my OBS supercab 3 inches and STILL couldnt fit an 8" kicker "tube" under the rear seat.
  22. bushpilot

    Question Hot water

    lots of folks just put a ball valve in the heater core / supply line and shut it off the flow of hot coolant to the heater core for the summer. or you can use this adjustable valve from
  23. bushpilot


    the fact that they HAD to be on the phone shows they arent familar w/ the problem
  24. bushpilot

    Project Performance Street Truck

    you know i could see that <being cramped> in that regular cab, dont blame you for keeping it where it is, maybe you can put it further under the dash <just to be different>. ram, jottodesk, theyre all <not> the same... :sly
  25. bushpilot

    Diagnostic programs for the laptop?

    what program are you currently using ? I dont know WHEN mfg's went to CAN (network) diagnostics but it was sometime after 96 (cause my old scanner doesnt work worth speaking about). I use autoenginuity its not cheap but they keep it up to date...and although you dont have to, you...

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