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    Duplicolor DIY bed liner (Dupont kevlar)

    OK, my mistake, Duplicolor now has a product with Kevlar. :dunno
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    Duplicolor DIY bed liner (Dupont kevlar)

    Duplicolor does not contain Kevlar. Actually, the LINE-X Xtra product is the only DuPont authorized user of Kevlar for truck bedliners.
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    Alien patrol bumper installed

    I did my best, the cross bar is blocking the Ram logo :sweet
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    Alien patrol bumper installed

    Get it LINE-X'd (with LINE-X Xtra) so you won't get any rock chips.
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    Zaino anyone?

    Not any more, they have some newer products and it's a lot faster. Optional: Claybar or Fusion Then: 1. Z-AIO Wipe it on, let it dry, buff. 2. Z-CS Just wipe it on, no buffing. 3. Z-8 Just wipe it on, no buffing. If you wish, add a coat of Z-2 Pro and then Z-6 between #1 and #2.
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    Question Any experience with the Pace Edwards Jackrabbit Tonneau Cover?

    PE covers are pretty good. You need to lubricate the rails a couple of times a year. Also, the vinyl should occasionally be conditioned to keep it from fading. The best retractable on the market, in my opinion, is TruckCoversUSA. But, it's going to cost more than the Jack Rabbit (although...
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    Bama's Xtreme Pickup Bed Make-Over

    LINE-X Xtra is fade resistant and will hold it's gloss. It's also fortified with Dupont Kevlar which is 5 times stronger than steel. If your truck's paint has metallic flakes in it, the Xtra will also. All you ever have to do with Xtra is wash it, you will never need to do anything else to...
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    Spray-on coating for aux tank?

    This is colormatched LINE-X with Xtra (resists fading) on a tank/toolbox combo.
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    bed liners?

    PM sent to you. ;)
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    bed liners?

    If your bedliner, no matter what the brand, looks like the pic below, LINE-X has a new patented product called ReNew. The ReNew process includes the use of Xtra. So, with ReNew, the bedliner will be returned to black and will stay black. Black LINE-X Xtra in a Ford SD. My dog (on the...
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    bed liners?

    Here's some pics of LINE-X Xtra. No fading or loss of gloss, fortified with Dupont Kevlar, 70 psi stronger tear strength than Rhino and a 25 degree higher temperature tolerance than Rhino.
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    GPS Recomendations.........

    Two hour battery? That stinks. Garmin 260 has an 8 hour battery.
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    bed liners?

    LINE-X will have no problem with pre-installed hitches. LINE-X Xtra color match:
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    Line-X before I install my new cap?

    I'm a LINE-X dealer. Get the bed sprayed BEFORE you install the tonneau. Rust is the enemy. The dealer will remove any light rust. If you have heavy rust, you may have a problem. LINE-X will provide a permanent water-tight seal. You'll love the bedliner and you'll have the only brand...

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