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    Steering Issue

    I would suggest that you drop a magnet on a string to the bottom of PS fluid. I think you have metal fines in your PS system. Never had this problem on my "X" even after 218K But a 2006 F350 at 21K the PS unit was replaced. If you find and metal fines the system will need a PS unit, all...
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    how many miles do you have on your 6.0ltr

    I have 44***+ and running strong no problems with engine
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    With Capel Tunnel in both wrist which wax to use

    Thanks for all the replies,,, Yes I have been known to self medicate more than once over the last 40+ years
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    With Capel Tunnel in both wrist which wax to use

    I had buffer in the past but never on a clear coat. And have not tryed the all in one deal. Many years ago I would wash my car/truck every weekend and was a hood or fender some body partalways go around car. within 4 ~ 6 weeks cars was always waxed. Thats what I am thinking of doing now...
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    With Capel Tunnel in both wrist which wax to use

    As noted in the title I have carpel tunnel in both wrist. I was a fan of Zymol for years but became a problem to apply and remove. I purchased a bottle of "ICE" and have used it 3 times on truck and one time on wifes car. The "ICE" does not get a white haze even in the direct sun but on the...
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    4th Turbo Replacement

    Question should these low usage 6.0 turbos have one of the oil pre-charge systems? The system for pre-charge starts to pump oil when the key is in ON posistion or before the engine starts.
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    Warranty Repair Claim

    As many of The SD Owners even with truck is at dealership I watch. In this case I strongly believe that dealership padded warranty claims. No Windshields work was done on my truck. How common is padding warranty claims? Thanks Ken
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    Warranty Repair Claim

    Thanks for the reply
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    Warranty Repair Claim

    This warranty repair could someone give me a better description of reair? WARRANTY CLAIM NUMBER: 054603 ODOMETER: 026231M PART NUMBER PART DESCRIPTION QUANTITY LABOR OP CONDITION CODE CONDITION DESC 5403100 WINDSHIELD GLASS 000 03100B 42 DOES NOT OPERATE PROPERLY Thanks Ken
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    Because I do not know question about PS Fluid?

    The Ford Tech replaced the PS unit and removed the reservoir and pumped a small amount to flush. But I attached a magnet to PS Dipstick to catch metal fines. Now 4+ month later still have a metal fine problem. Thanks for the replies Ken
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    Because I do not know question about PS Fluid?

    Thanks for the reply, I will try to push Ford Tech to replace booster and fluid under warranty. Thanks
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    Because I do not know question about PS Fluid?

    Earlier this year when I was searching for problems ( F350 in Sig) with power steering unit (later replaced) someone commented that the PS fluid also is pumped thru the brake booster? When I was having PS unit problems the entire PS fluid had metal fines in system. The PS unit was replaced but...
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    Accufab Elbow ???

    Yes that is the item and web site Ken
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    Accufab Elbow ???

    Does anyone have any real world usage of this Accufab Elbow ? Claims it improve MPG. Would like to see some reports of improvements. Thanks for any replies Ken
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    My new to me 2006 CC has the aftermarket "WINDOW VISOR VENT SHADES" The vents have started to become loose. Any aftermarket glue to re-bond the shades. Thanks for any help Ken
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    7.3 Fuel Milage, reliability, 2001

    I had a 2001 "X 4X4 w 3:73 gears life average was 15+ with 218K on "X" that included every drop of fuel I put in. Winter summer towing running hard on freeway If you want more detail just ask Ken
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    Yes, the system does require additional oil but at this point my dipstick is reading 1/8" low. I was planning to wait for a lower reading on dipstick before adding oil. It is possible that the system had some amount of oil above dipstick gauge. As I stated before still adjusting to 6.0 and...
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    Yes when you change filter you will need to add make up oil. I am new to the 6.0 engine but my dipstick is down about 1/8" I do not know how much makeup oil to add. This 1/8" is after sitting all night on a cold engine. But really I am not worried about 1/8" low on oil. Maybe someone here...
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    I pulled out my invoice for the above BY Pass System BMK -11 ByPass Filter mounting kit $130.50 BK1101 Alum Filter Cap $ 95.00 BK1102 Alum Oil Fill Cap $ 50.00 EABP 100 Absolute Efficiency By Pass Filter $29.45 Freight...
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    When all said and done its around $410. The AMSOIL BY Pass kit was about $350 wholesale and the hoses were #4's 8 feet in lenght. PM me if you was more details
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    I copied this style of install and at this point very pleased with results. Thanks for sharing your ides.
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    More Hard Times A Comin'

    I for one understand after 3 MFG operation shutdown in last 10 years; I was on the market for new opportunity's. Their is always light at the end of tunnel dig hard and search for other opportunities. You never know what will happen, 20 years ago I interview for a job that I really wanted...
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    Replacement tires with least rolling resistance = MPG

    In the future I will replace my OEM LT 245/75R/17E tires. I normally automatically buy Michelin Tires. Do the tire manufactures have an ANSI test method to measure tire rolling resistance? If so do you give up life of tire mileage? Tire load specs? A less resistance tire should...
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    40 years ago today.

    Stated very well Bushpilot I agree 100% that our service men/women have given 110% so we can stand on our soapboxes to make our point of view. But never forget the ones that have given all for our rights.
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    Increase tire size and better MPG?

    Thanks for the replies and Lets en this topic. Thanks

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