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    Old Fart getting Married

    Good deal, I'm happy for you both :) We're getting ready to do the same thing after shacking up for 27 years. I think she only wants me for my SSI
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    Who is your cell phone carrier this morning?

    They also have acess to our email and credit card transactions
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    Who is your cell phone carrier this morning?

    Privacy will be a thing we tell our grand kids the had back in the good ol days. With facial renegotiation software they all ready tailor ads to you specifically as you walk through the mall.
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    Al-Qaeda Sets Up Complaint Hotline.

    You can't make this stuff up folks.
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    Neighbors Keep Calling The Cop

    Yeah that's almost enough to make me switch to cats . . almost.
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    Neighbors Keep Calling The Cop

    They claim somebody is being tortured.
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    Mookie Blaylock has passed away.

    For you sports fans out there. This is according to Mike Tyson. He may have jumped the gun. Monkey is in ICU far as I can tell.
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    Do you Prancercise?

    Since I've taken up prancercise I'm no longer welcome at the Friday night poker table :( Ignore the old camel toe.
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    Stuff I did not know.

    If you type 241543903 in google images you see a lot of people with their head in the freezer
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    Who has the highest miles?

    I've racked up a little over 36K since 2001 Yeah baby, keeping that road hot!
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    Question Marines ban farting

    Isn't that pretty much a involuntarily bodily function? Ok, I will admit one can build up a little pressure before letting one rip but otherwise its beyond control.
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    Found something to kill fleas and its cheep

    We used to sprinkle it on our chickens. No not for seasoning, to kill mites. Just make sure to use food grade.
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    Wanting to buy a (stick) welder but have no clue what size I need

    Handyest thing I ever bought was a wire feed welder. As for which one, you can turn one a little to big down further than you can turn one to small up.
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    Newbie in Vegas

    I have the same year truck myself. Used to live in Vegas way back when. Still have a lot of family that does. Anyways, welcome to the site.
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    Pulling in 4 x 4 with hub problem

    Yes but I know why in my case. Truck is equipped with a ARB airlocker.
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    First start romping (warm out)

    Just for S&G's buy your next tank of fuel some where else and see if it makes any difference.
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    built in NAV system

    Don't select shortest route or unpaved roads. >8-/
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    Slide in truck campers

    How deep are your pockets? Artic Fox is about the be$t, Palomino is on the other end of the spectrum. Still not a bad camper tho. Problem I would have with a toy hauler, the inside is going to smell like gas and oil.
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    Question What gives the 6.0L a bad reputation?

    A friend of mine has a towing company and loves them.
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    Newbie Best Way to Bust out a Cat Converter

    Don't do it. I did and regret it . . a little. Anyways, to answer your question, I used a two inch pipe and a BFH. Better thing to do is get what is called a test pipe to replace the cat. Comes time to trade it in or emissions you'll be glad you didn't destroy it.
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    Carpet Cleaning

    The carpet in my 86 blazer was filthy from grease. Looked like somebody hauled car parts or something in it. I thought it would never come clean. I used a regular ol carpet cleaner with resolve. I diluted the cleaner but not by much. I was surprised how clean it came out. No significant...
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    Guns! How big is your collection?

    I've got a .22 just in case the wife and I come across a bear.
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    What was your very FIRST car?

    1955 Buick my sister gave me. Servo pump went out so I added 30 weight and drove it until it finally died. It only went forward.
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    Vacuum Leak somewhere on Auto 4x4 - How to test Vacuum Solenoid???

    I would think so. There must be a vacuum manifold for the 4x4. Wonder if a hose is off or sucking air? Stuff like this makes me glad I have manual hubs.

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