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  1. Tx_Atty

    Smoking some Cow

    ok PB, I guess my invitation was lost in the mail! You keep changing sites on me.
  2. Tx_Atty

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Powerboatr

    I hope it's a good B-day Robert. Having the granddaughter should be a pretty good present.
  3. Tx_Atty

    7.3L 6spd Clutches??

    research the noise associated with single mass flywheels. I bought the Con O and hated the gear growl. Not unique to the Con O but related to flywheel. Dual mass is more expensive though.
  4. Tx_Atty

    new truck

    $11499 Well, just got back from meeting my buyer - we're gonna close it all Sunday. He's happy and bringing a bank check. So, it's SOLD!
  5. Tx_Atty

    new truck

    Well, looks like I have the heart of a deal on my OBS. Gonna give it a 2nd test drive tomorrow and bring me a bank check Sunday. Not bad - 3 days from listing and I have a deal made.
  6. Tx_Atty

    new truck

    I know, I know. But I need the dollars. Autotrader ad started yesterday and already have someone coming today to see it. 2nd guy emailed this morning. SHouldn't last long.
  7. Tx_Atty

    new truck

    Cleared out the garage and she fits! first time in years I could close the door. Got the 97 waxed today and it looks great. Already have a guy coming to see it tomorrow. Robert - the 150 has 3.55 gears just like my 97. Meter says 17 mpg in city so far but then it has exactly 100 miles on...
  8. Tx_Atty

    new truck

    Power is ok I think but I have only driven 30 miles and only in the city. With the air on, it could definitely use a little extra but it's not bad. I need to get on the highway and really hit it. The ride itself is very very smooth and quiet. Mileage blows however. Rated at 14 and 18...
  9. Tx_Atty

    new truck

    Thanks! I think I am going to like it despite the spark plugs! Rides more like a car than anything I have driven in over 10 years.
  10. Tx_Atty

    new truck

    Well, I hate to sell my PSD but I did stick with Ford for the new one. Had to drop to a 150 for a lot of reasons but I like it.
  11. Tx_Atty

    EF3 Tornado hit my hometown last night

    glad you kept your head down Stephen. We're thinking of you.
  12. Tx_Atty

    Which tires for me?

    from experience, let me tell you do NOT go with load range D. I have Yokohama Geolanders and did not realize I had bought range D until I started wondering why I now need new tires AGAIN after only 35k miles. I like the tires but it pisses me off to spend that much money for no reason other...
  13. Tx_Atty

    air temp sensor

    Mine is just sitting on top of the fender well next to the filter. Been that way for 5 years.
  14. Tx_Atty

    Holy Crap What Happened?

    Does the 2005 still use the CPS? Sounds like what happens when it starts to go out but it usually sets a code.
  15. Tx_Atty

    Petition Superduty meeting

    The North Texas chapter already has an annual meeting in Greenville just outside of Dallas. There have been people from all over attend. The logistics are already taken care of and not that much different a drive than Wichita. You might look into that one. I think it is usually around October.
  16. Tx_Atty

    roof exstension

    I still need to come see that setup in person Robert. By the way, in New Mexico, you are a Right Wing Extremist Potential Terrorist Threat. Try to mend your ways.
  17. Tx_Atty

    Passing up on Ford b/c of body removal???

    The question to ask at the dealer is how do they bill it? By book time or actual. Most bill book as do non-dealer mechanics. The last time, and I mean last, I took mine to a shop to have the clutch linkage fixed, they charged me $100. I later figured out how to do the same repair for $1.50 in...
  18. Tx_Atty

    Question What did you do to your truck today?

    have my CPR system in, today - degreased under hood and in valley where filter bowl used to be, new air filter. tomorrow - wash and shampoo carpet.
  19. Tx_Atty

    Interesting Question about MPG

    could be lots of factors - idle time, how high up the neck you fill the tank, wind direction on highway, fuel quality, winter fuel blend vs summer blend. Im not sure when the switch back to summer blended fuel happens but our trucks tend to get better mileage on that than winter. If you have...
  20. Tx_Atty

    Question Converting a Calif to Federal? (fuel damper delete)

    I agree with the appearance concerns. The way Bob's system is set up, the stock filter bowl under the hood is gone and a new regulator with a gauge is in place on top of the hpop. That and a few lines are the only things new (save the inertia switch but it's small) under the hood. The...
  21. Tx_Atty

    Question Converting a Calif to Federal? (fuel damper delete)

    I've had my CPR on for a few days now and like it so far. Seems smoother and quieter at moderate speed. Not noticeably quieter at highway speed but then that's not why I bought it. I'll be putting about 1200 miles on it over spring break and will be watching mileage to see what it has done...
  22. Tx_Atty

    Help Needed Oil filter cap split open

    not to cause any panic but since someone mentioned the hpop, this was coincidentally posted in another thread today - similar situation maybe? YouTube - FUBAR 6 0 OIL FILTER
  23. Tx_Atty

    Oil Filters for 7.3

    Man, I hope that truck owner got NAPA to pay for that!
  24. Tx_Atty

    Question Diff covers for sterling?

    did you get the 08 ford one or another brand?
  25. Tx_Atty

    Adding Cab Clearance Lights

    when I drilled my holes, I put a big glob of silicone on the screws to fill them in. Never leaked yet - knock wood.

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