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  1. gmcretz

    6.7 PSD engine/trans mods?

    RacingHCR - I do my own fuel filter & fuel/water separator changes right in the drive way. It might take 20 minutes total, Ford has really done us justice in how this system is serviced. Watch the video here, just make sure to release the fuel filter canister the 3...
  2. gmcretz

    6.7 PSD engine/trans mods?

    And now 4 new Michelins as well.
  3. gmcretz

    Which Tires?

    I almost wish I hadn't jumped in on this discussion, cause wouldn't you know that I had to put new sneakers on the Big White Beast today. The low tire indicator came on and when I found the nail it was in the sidewall of the passenger rear. Mrs. Gunner isn't one for having things mismatched so...
  4. gmcretz

    Which Tires?

    JRJ. how'd you do on your purchase? I drove my $60,760 truck off the lot for $41,700. The dealer knocked $13,000 off the sticker price because of a rival dealer having a crazy sale and then gave me $9,800 more for my truck than what I owed on it.
  5. gmcretz

    whistling truck at highway speeds.

    I know this is an old thread that hasn't been replied to in a while. There are 3 separate issues that can aid in the buzzing sound around the doors: 1st - The body seal at the edge of the door has a secondary seal that lays on top of it. People have sealed the 2 together to aid in limiting or...
  6. gmcretz

    6.7 PSD engine/trans mods?

    My only mods to date have been to fill the fuel tank, drain, repeat.....over and over again. Well, I do have to do oil changes, def-fills and fuel filter & oil-water separator changes as well.
  7. gmcretz

    New Truck???

    I'm of the mindset that whatever you drive should be what you want. I've owned them all and had the ole' turd now and again. I do love this 6.7L though, she is a brute and so nice at the same time. Be careful, drive well.
  8. gmcretz


    Rotella T 15W40 in mine 46k+ so far without so much as a hiccup.
  9. gmcretz

    Which Tires?

    JRJ, did you stay with the 275/65R20s or go with a different size?
  10. gmcretz

    New Member New to the Forum from TX

    I think I need to start saving so I can buy a Ravelco myself. Looks like a great anti-theft device, couple that with the Jimmie Jammers and your truck should be pretty well protected.
  11. gmcretz Giveaway contest!

    Thanks Dave, that picture is "Old Truck - New Truck". My dealer thought it was cool and she asked me to shoot it to her so she could show her clients. Gunner
  12. gmcretz Giveaway contest!

    You can count me in as well. I love the forums and hope that this one takes off like a shot. I've been here before and hope that this resurrection brings in new ideas, projects and builds. Sharing of information (aka bragging) is always fun too. Ron "Gunner" Retzlaff
  13. gmcretz

    New skin design that involves the members.

    The signature pic is my "Old Truck - New Truck" picture of my 2007 F-150 King Ranch 4x4 and my new 2011 F-250 King Ranch 4x4 with the legendary 6.7L diesel. The other pictures are of the "Big White Beast" with my darling bride of 31 years in the bed and then with the Westin Ultimate Bull Bar...
  14. gmcretz

    Well Crap..............

    Is this a 2012 option or something that your dealer installed?
  15. gmcretz

    Check Coolant Additive Message

    I've had mine come on twice and took it to my dealer both times. The first time the service tech did the test strip and reset the light. This last time, the service tech checked the coolant reservoir and said to top it off and reset the light which I did.
  16. gmcretz

    Parts are on the way

    OK, update time Sad update!!! Westin has gone to buying their bull bars from a Chinese manufacturer and the bull bar that I ordered on 6-29 still isn't here. I have called every 2 weeks since the middle of July when we were supposed to get it. I called them again today when Summit told me it...
  17. gmcretz


    Reflashed last week, the tranny was shifting kind of funky between 2 & 3. Called the dealer and they reflashed the PCM & Tranny, WOW!
  18. gmcretz

    Fuel mileage?

    Weekend trip Only 2,700 miles on her so far, but made a trip to my mom's this last weekend; all highway, cruise locked on 74, 19.2 MPGs!!!
  19. gmcretz

    Parts are on the way

    No, I don't think so she is sporting a 2011 RS Camaro with all the bells and whistles herself. She gets sports cars, I get my trucks and Harleys. You know, I THINK THAT SHE REALLY DOES LOVE ME!!! :clap:
  20. gmcretz

    New member in South Texas

    That is one SICK truck, absolutely beautiful! Yeah, I know how it goes. When I bought the F-150 I had 5 ford dealers on the phone offering them $37,500 out the door for it when it had a sticker price of $43,700. 3 of them told me that it couldn't be done, Sames Crow (then Crosstown Ford) came...
  21. gmcretz

    Parts are on the way

    The wife called me at work yesterday to inform me that she had ordered me a Westin Ultimate Bull Bar in chromed stainless steel, PIAA 540 series driving lights and in-channel vent visors. Gotta get it looking like my last truck. 30 years of marriage and she is still hooking me up. Yay me!
  22. gmcretz

    Rollup Tonneau Cover

    Pace Edwards I had the Pace Edwards on one of my trucks and really enjoyed it. I gave up the roll top covers for my toolbox when I realized that I needed the tool access more than the covered bed. If you are looking for security and coverage the roll top will be right up your alley. Go get one!
  23. gmcretz

    New member in South Texas

    HoustonRider, I got $13,000 off the sticker and another $8,500 over what I owed on my F-150. Go see Stephanie Kneif at Access Ford in Calallen, tell her Ron sent you!!
  24. gmcretz

    New member in South Texas

    THANKS ALL!! WD-40 I am in Kingsville, but made it to McAllen to have an exhaust, grill guard, and rolling tonneau installed a few years back. Ron "Gunner" Retzlaff
  25. gmcretz

    Lets see those SuperDuty Trucks!! (OFFICIAL PICTURE THREAD)

    My new 2011 King Ranch F-250 This is a picture of both my old F-150 & my new F-250.

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