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    97 7.3 pcm help

    Did you swap the rear differential? It has the speed sensor.
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    Brake line ?

    Try Inline Tube - Preformed Stainless & OEM Brake Line Sets
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    Question Boots

    Thorogood work boots are all I wear.The Vibram wedge sole lasts me about 10 or 11 months.Very comfortable boot even in steel toe.Made in USA,Wisconsin I think.
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    Intermitten no start

    I don't know how to test a CPS.I had to change mine (same symptoms) at 136k.Yours lasted a good while.There is a recall on the CPS,you may get a free one from the dealer.
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    Intermitten no start

    IPR would likely need o-rings if the crankcase oil is hot and the truck won't start.If the tach doesn't register thats a sure sign of a loose power chip,bad cps or a broken wire from cps.Weak batteries can do strange things to our trucks also.
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    Any chance of TTB knuckles on a D60

    I like the style calipers on the '97 TTB better than the '93 D-60. Sorry,I should have pointed that out from the start.Thanks
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    Any chance of TTB knuckles on a D60

    I have a '93 balljoint D60 for my '97 F-250 and wondering if my TTB knuckles would interchange.The reason for this is the brake calipers.Thanks
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    Question Whadga git fer Christmas ??

    #1 A Johnny Cash CD #2 A Speed Racer Helmet from my grandson #3 A Winchester Model 12 12ga. #4 An Ithica Model 37 16ga.
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    comment Happy new year!!!!!!

    Happy New Year
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    Question two stroke oil to diesel

    Thanks, I was hoping you also had a little info on the wheel bearings.What you did post is interesting to me.
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    Question two stroke oil to diesel

    It would be interesting to know the parts and how many that you had to change,such as wheel bearings,cps's and fuel pumps.
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    Update Well ? 11194 miles later

    Good for you,thats what most of us dream about. How long did it take to make your trip?
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    Question Anyone else have the Nintendo Wii console?

    Everyone I know has one but me.That game is a hoot.If I had one, nothing would get done around the house.
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    Has anyone else seen this?

    You hit the nail on the head.I've just about cut my weekly mileage in half...We are the ones to blame for the high prices because we keep on paying them.It's a little to late to drill a thousand oil wells and build a refineries to drive the price of oil down.
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    what to do???

    Get the shop and be your own boss.
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    best mileage from a powerstroke

    What did you do with the speed sensor?
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    I hunt whitetail during bow season. 65# Jennings Buckmaster Carbon Express Arrows Muzzy 125's Whisker Bisket Mechanical Release I had to loose the finger tab because of elbow issue's or maybe old age.
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    Alignment issue? Need camber specs....

    I had my camber checked 25K ago,left was1.2º,right was 1.1º The spring shop that checked said it was in spec.The tires on both sides seem slightly tipped out at the top but seem to wear and steer ok.hope this helps.
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    will a stancor relay help my morning start?

    A stancor would sure be an upgrade as far as GPR's and should cut out the smoke if your present GPR is bad.Your PSD should start at 40º with no help from the GP's unless you have compression issues.
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    No power with Check Engine light on

    When I had my VC's off I wish I would have started the truck just to watch the oil spouts but never thought of it at the time.
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    97 psd ...cranks..wont start

    Glad you got 'er fixed,thanks for the reply
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    intermitent battery light

    As Patrick said check the wires on top of the alt.Sometimes the heater hose rubs the coating off.
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    97 psd ...cranks..wont start

    Check the two wires going to your IPR.Take out your IDM and shake it to see if it has water in it.If you know someone with a 7.3 PSD try their IDM before you buy one.
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    Fuel Regulator Screen Cleaning ** Updated **

    Crummy your right,I pulled my screen out yesterday and it was packed with black stuff and Q-tip fuzz.

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