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  1. chuck416ex

    fuel leak

    on my 7.3 im drippin fuel from around the lever to drain the fuel filter do i fix this now...
  2. chuck416ex

    rocker panel

    im looking to coverthe rocker panels on my truck,ive been to the only bedliner shop within 300 miles wants almost 450.00 to spray them...anybody done something diffrent and more cost friendly???
  3. chuck416ex

    no fire

    was the starter...replaced the batterys,solenoids while i was at it...
  4. chuck416ex

    no fire

    truck wont start...have replaced alt in last 6 mths...just put in new red top optims monday...started fine last 2 mornings,now wont crank over at all,even with the batt charger on the boost setting...what the @#&$ !!
  5. chuck416ex

    clock spring...

    anybody had to replace the clock spring in ur truck???looking for pointers...
  6. chuck416ex

    sagging leaf spring

    my boss noticed my truck is sitting about a inch and ahalf low on the pass. side. took it to shop to have front end checked out, found nothing wrong. the tire guy said it looks like the pass leaf spring has lost some arch??i know factory springs will sag out, but 6" lift springs (superlift soft...
  7. chuck416ex

    Front end rattle/clunking

    i have replaced spring eye bushings ,and shock bushings with poly ones,ditched the sway bar and i still have the clunk!!! is thier a bushing for the shackle?
  8. chuck416ex

    2002 F250 Lift Options

    superlift 6inch softride,any of the big name lift companys have well built stuff.
  9. chuck416ex

    2002 F250 Lift Options

    helped a buddy pull the lift,tires & wheels off a trk about to get repoed.put my stk suspenion under it, and let em take it!! running around town and stuff i get 14 to 15 mpgs(if i can keep my foot out of it)pulling the trailer loaded(8k) with quads,water,fuel,fire wood & all the camping junk i...
  10. chuck416ex

    2002 F250 Lift Options

    i have a 6inch superlift soft ride,on 37's on 17x10 wheels. rub a little on full lock turnig left, only problem i have had is with the rubber spring bushings. GET POLY SPRING BUSHINGS!!!!! the rubbers wear out and are a pain in the arse to hammer out after a few years. i pull a 24 ft toy hualer...
  11. chuck416ex

    tranny pans

    been looking thru part catlogs for deep trans pan. what is the diff betewn a 4r100 in a ford lighting and the 4r100 in my super duty? the price diff is a cupple hundred bucks and it holds a few qts more than stk. any ideas?
  12. chuck416ex

    fuel guage problem

    what is the hutch & harpoon ?
  13. chuck416ex

    fuel guage problem

    my fuel gauge wonders about an 1/8 to 1/4 tank.i always fill up my trk weekly,but with fuel prices just under $5.00 a gallon i want to strech out fueling up to when i need trk has always had this problem and i want to fix it. thanks
  14. chuck416ex

    Roll Call!!!

    hammond,oregon here. can get much farther norh & west in oregon
  15. chuck416ex

    bad injector?

    my truck has a knock at idle speed, a buddy told me its an injector do i check it out with out taking it to the shop
  16. chuck416ex

    weird thump under feet

    pulled swaybar awhile ago still made noise, putting poly bushings in this weekend.
  17. chuck416ex

    weird thump under feet

    when ever i hit a bump i can feel & hear a thump in the floor of truck. 3 out fo 5 buddys with s/d have the same noise/feeling. i had the ball joints last year, took truck back to tire shop and had the front end inspected,everything checked out ok.took the front end guy for ride ,went back to...
  18. chuck416ex

    Goodyear Duratrac Pics and Review!

    good looken tires,i'd go for the lift anyway
  19. chuck416ex

    turbo cooler

    changed stock tranny cooler for a b&m high tech w/fan,would it make any diff if i plumbed old tranny cooler to turbo?just thinking out loud.
  20. chuck416ex

    need new trans

    who make the best trans for our trucks? whos got what, & what do you think of it.
  21. chuck416ex

    no start

    thanks for the info, i called a buddy over and took his solenoid and truck started,swaped the new one back on and still no start.guess i'll call the parts store in the morning for another solenoid.
  22. chuck416ex

    no start

    last nite turned truck off went. to start about 10 min later and would not turn over or start,can jump the solenoid with screwdrivers and truck runs fine.just put new solenoid on,same thing.checked all fuses with test lite and they test fine.any ideas?
  23. chuck416ex

    No start

    last nite turned truck off went to start about 10 min later and nothing.can jump the solenoid with 2 screwdrivers,but will not start with key.just put new solenoid on and same thing. checked all fuses with test lite,all test fine.any ideas?
  24. chuck416ex

    twin tail pipes

    i am thinking about splitting my single 4" exhaust pipe into dual 3" tail pipes out each rear corner.anybody done this?can it hurt anything? my 4" is rubbing on my spare tire and is hot enough to start to melt the rubber.

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