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  1. wpfd571

    Lockout Likely to Begin at Midnight

    Yep the change is coming! Better stock up on ammo and can goods. Its looking like ww3 is just around the corner, i think it is gonna get a lot worse before it starts getting better. But thats just my 0.02....
  2. wpfd571

    71 hours, 43 minutes

    We Didn't get much ice south of three rivers. But we got 6 inches of snow on top of the coating of ice we did get. Was a mess. Hope the lights are working by now last i heard it was suspto be back around thursday up there.
  3. wpfd571

    Gear splitter options

    Its gonna take a whole lot of driving to pay for the GV. I agree with JL play with tires. And remember its a truck not a prius.......
  4. wpfd571

    Question What did you do to your truck today?

    Sunday i took the seats out and gave it a good cleaning. The whole 9 yards sweep and shampoo which was fun in the 36 degree garage. Then today it got some fresh schaffer's 5w40 and a motorcraft filter. Then i lubed the front end a little :)
  5. wpfd571

    Installing WW w/out removing turbo or exhaust housing

    I didn't take the exhaust side apart. Just hit the thing with the impact a few times it will come right off. There not very tight. Did mine 15k miles ago and its still in there and working great. Just did a 4000 mile round trip to AZ and back.
  6. wpfd571

    Question Engine Oil of Choice

    Schaeffer's with a motorcraft filter
  7. wpfd571


    :sweet Thank you!
  8. wpfd571


    I'm trying to see the trans fluid flush for the 99+ trucks and all i get is the AC mod stuff. I would really like to see the WIKI on the trans stuff, could somebody post a working link or fix it please:D
  9. wpfd571

    smaller mirrors vs bigger ones

    Yes the 08+ mirrors are a direct bolt on.
  10. wpfd571

    9th Gen Superduty Windshield Size?

    OBS is all the same cabs from the F-150's to the 450's.
  11. wpfd571

    Preparing for winter!

    Less than a mile? I think that i would walk or ride a bike. I have done it before! Really wakes you up on those cold mornings.
  12. wpfd571

    Preparing for winter!

    Good batteries, synthetic oil, cycle the gp's twice if its real cold. It should start every time if your gp's are healthy. I did not plug my truck in once last winter. Started every morning.
  13. wpfd571

    Slight smoke on cold start

    Its a diesel... some smoke is normal. Don't worry about it until you start fogging out the neighborhood.
  14. wpfd571

    Harley Davidson Headlights

    Or do a search and you will find a bunch of threads on the subject.....;tu
  15. wpfd571

    Fuel filter and air filter - where to get for cheap?

    I think NAPA and WIX are the same filters :dunno
  16. wpfd571

    Need a Second Opinion

    If it was me i would post it in a heart beat. Then if they are screwing you you can get the word out and maybe people will stay away from there. But you said they did 2 injectors and pulled the engine for a burnt valve? 4k might not be out of line for an on the road breakdown.
  17. wpfd571

    comment ugliest truck I've even seen

    I think stacks look stupid on a pickup, but those ones are extra dumb looking on his big 2wd dodge
  18. wpfd571

    First tow with new truck

    Be safe and have fun, i've got a road trip to pheonix az. on the 26th should be a long but fun trip
  19. wpfd571

    Where to buy Wicked Wheel

    Bob at Dieselsite will get you fixed up
  20. wpfd571

    how to convert a regular truck to a dually

    Gotcha, if i was doing the swap i would find front and rear dually axles and springs, but with only 7k in your truck you should be able to sell it and make some money
  21. wpfd571

    CAT Diesel

    About the only thing a f-650 shares is the cab and interior
  22. wpfd571

    how to convert a regular truck to a dually

    You may be better of finding a dually truck rather than convert your f-250 cause its still gonna have a f-250 GVW, unless you really love the truck you have.
  23. wpfd571

    CAT Diesel

    And if you got it to fit it would be heavy.......... we got a 3208 in a dump truck at the pit i love that motor. She's a tank, not real fast but you'll get there every time
  24. wpfd571

    Help Needed New problem, reverse bog down

    With our plow trucks that's a sign of a weak pump and most likely on its way out, i would get to a tranny shop a.s.a.p. before its to late.
  25. wpfd571

    You Gotta Friend In The Transport Business

    How about moving an 04 f-150 CCSB 4x4 from Kalamazoo Mi. to Chandler Az. were looking for a ball park price, trying to decide if she wants to drive it out or ship it

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