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    leaking diesel

    ok I have an 04 diesel 107k work truck. Never really a problem until i noticed the other day strong diesel fuel smell. Started looking under the truck and it looks like It is possibly leaking from the passanger side of the the truck possibly behind the motor?!?!?!?!?!?! Hard to completely...
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    oil change issue

    oh just looked it up looks super cool sick of hot oil too :D
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    oil change issue

    ya has the little brass ring on it.... fumoto plug whats this?
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    oil change issue

    ok so I am very mechanically inclined so this one is baffeling me..... Changed oil in the truck couple weeks back. Now truck dripping from the oil plug now before you get the urge to say the plug isn't tight I will let you know I tightened to the point where I was nervous about stripping it out...
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    DPF Delete

    are the inspections just visual? I know some one that just bought a used dpf and hollowed it out and reinstalled easily passes visual test.
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    whistling truck at highway speeds.

    ok ill tape her down first hopefully i can identify where it is and then maybe silicone it down for a final solution
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    whistling truck at highway speeds.

    ok very strange thing happening in my truck..... Doesn't happen always worst when driving into wind or hitting me on the side, however truck whistles or "hums" loudly above 65 or so. Sounds like its from windshield or wipers somewhere around there but can't pinpoint it and afraid of...
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    truck lift

    been searching the web today fabtech makes a 6inch lift Item Number: K2063 FT. Looks like nice setup
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    6.4 Edge Performer Question

    im with you there.......:D
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    truck lift

    oh no good for me :eek:
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    truck lift

    Any ideas on a decent truck lift kit? I was thinking maybe 4 or so inches.. A second question here is that nearly all the lifts I have found online say they are for 4x4 my truck is 4x2 sooooo would the 4x4 kits work on my truck or no?
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    6.4 Edge Performer Question

    i have the racing edge with 150hp no problems yet....... Keep in mind any time you run high hp settings through these motors you risk problems.. Think really depends on driving too good luck with the programmer let me know.
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    Engine Seized

    used motors on craigslist out here all the time for around 3k..... cab off is the only way to pull it though
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    Question any comment about EDGE RACE EVOLU/DPF DELETE

    Edge is actually great........ Can't say anything for other tuner but have edge in 3 of my work trucks and all run great have 180000 hard miles combined through the trucks 100k 35k and 45k respectively. All run great and the programs look nice :)
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    How do I park this thing.

    i back in always. you'd be surprised how tight of a spot you can back in once your comfortable with the truck
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    Question New to diesels and have some questions

    I have a 6.4 and my inlaws have a 6.4... Mine much more modded then theres :D, although they drive theres a lot harder (heavy foot) both trucks have nearly 40k on them and they both still drive great.. knock on wood no issues with either... Think they are good trucks... As for the dpf delete...
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    6.0 abs light on

    thx i'll check that soon :sweet
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    6.0 abs light on

    Ok so my work truck 04 sd had new brakes and recently the abs light came on... Seems like truck stops fine drives fine everything..... Is there a sensor for it that could be out ect.....
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    Wrench Light came on

    has it completly regened lately? sounds like reduced power mode from regen issues maybe.........
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    White smoke and no cleaning filter message

    dealer said black soot in mine and my inlaws was fine and nothing was wrong when we took them in.......
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    video about how much better diesels are

    my dad drove semi trucks for nearly 40 years.... 3 trucks with over a million miles he drove. I grew up on diesel :D
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    Just died??

    hard to trust the stealership :( hopefully that fixes it though
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    Mud Flaps for 2011 Dually

    i had bought a set of diamond plate mud flaps that I liked real well.....
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    ticking time bomb?

    this particular truck is not equiped with diesel particulate filter cleaning if you know what i mean :D i'll listen next time i get her warmed up see if she still ticking away.

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