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    Toolbox + tonneau cover = ???

    1 word, retrax! I sell them so let me know if you would like a quote or any information on them. We have them custom made all the time for use with tool boxes. By far the best rolling cover on the market.
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    I am from Manitoba as well.
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    NIce and fast!
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    friends 2005 duramax runs sluggish after 2,000rpm

    Well you're 150 closer to 1000 them i am ;) To put it in perspective I am 12.41 at 109mph at 7450lbs. If I had 150hp more I would likely run mid to low 11's.
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    friends 2005 duramax runs sluggish after 2,000rpm

    When you first start it and the glow plugs are on the voltage will be low until the glow plug light is off. Don't confuse this with the wait to start light as the wait to start light can be off and the glow plugs still on. Once the glow plugs are off the votage should come right up to over 14...
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    friends 2005 duramax runs sluggish after 2,000rpm

    How fast does yours run? Seriously, A ford, Dodge or GM of the same weight would run about the same times with that much HP. If you think that is slugish you have obviously never rode in a 12 second diesel. I believe dockboy is running quite a bit more hp then I am. I've heard rumors of...
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    friends 2005 duramax runs sluggish after 2,000rpm

    My 04 Duramax runs pretty good when it's running a 12.4 1/4 mile at 109mph or dynoing 610hp ;) It will be even better this summer when I upgrade to dual cp3 pumps and a new GT42R. Should be good for about 750 hp :D
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    Sad day

    Sorry to hear about your loss Mike. RIP
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    Ford Sues Navistar Over Engine Prices, Warranty Dispute
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    Door ajar....

    That I am not sure of.
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    Door ajar....

    The sensors are located in the latch.
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    attachment test

    I guess I fixed it :D
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    New Fuel

    Any chance you are getting blended fuel for winter? I guess not likely in Texas.
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    tranny fluid and carpet

    Ouch. I have no idea. Hopefully someone will have some ideas. Obviously start by soaking up all you can. You might want to check with your insurance, they might cover it as well.
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    We sure are :)
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    Thanks stephen!
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    can i borrow $1.5 million from you guys????

    If your left nut is worth 1.5mil I guess you're in luck! :tounge
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    Remote Start

    Most of the wiring is done at the ignition switch. You get a tach wire under the dash, park light wires at the headlight switch, brakes at the brake switch etc. On an 06 you either need to go into the cluster to get the wait to start light (Bad idea for a novice) or go to the glow plugs...
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    Good to see you again Dale.
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    Remote Start

    Ford is one of the worst ones on the market (sorry). Astro start is one of the best if not the best. DEI makes decent stuff but I don't like them becaues they use external relays amoung other reasons which I won't get into.
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    bulldog remote starter installation

    dpantazis, the astro start has built in relays, no need for diodes. If you don't have keyless entry the door locks are reversing polarity. That means you need to cut the wire, put a relay in series and use the relay to break open the circuit and supply power to the motor side. If you have...
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    were are my post?

    Sorry I was doing a whole bunch of maintenence yesterday and it's possible your posts got lost. SHouldn't happen again.
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    Hillbilly PSD owner from West Virginia

    We're all Hillbilly's. Welcome. :)

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