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  1. Diezel Dawg

    Tymar prefilter

    If u have a true TYMAR Intake with the Donaldson Filter, there is NO NEED for a pre Filter. The Donaldson filter is one of the best filtering and flowing filters u can get. Dale at TYMAR performance will tell u not to run a prefilter on his filters.
  2. Diezel Dawg

    203* thermostat...???

    There really is no benefit with the 203* TStat. I have had mine in for quite some time, maybe 20-30K miles. It did allow for warmer heat in the winters, which i like. However, while i was being live tuned by Jody Tipton at DPTuner last week, he was watching my coolant and oil temps and my Oil...
  3. Diezel Dawg

    Diesel Site Coolant Filter installation issue

    i had the same problem, sold my AFE Stage 2, sold my DIeselsite f=coolant filter kit, and got the whole shebang from TYMAR performance, Intake and coolant filter, no issues now
  4. Diezel Dawg

    Future plans. Injectors???

    This is not necessarily true. With the propr tuning with the injectors u can see an increase in mileage, depending on the Owners driving habits. I was getting about 14-16 with Stock injectors. Installed Hybrids, dropped to 12-14, just got live tuned and my last tank was 17mpg. So, u can...
  5. Diezel Dawg

    Windshield Visor

    yep, Lund does, i have one on my truck
  6. Diezel Dawg

    Which chip?

    The Horsepower ratings arent different., The difference between the two is the F6 u can get your tunes emailed to u and u can put them on, where as the F5 u cannot. 20 mpg still seems a little high for what u got. could be true. Clint, u ar ein the AF? What do u do? Im vehicle...
  7. Diezel Dawg

    rottela t oil

    I used to run Rotella T 15w40. Decided to switch to scheaffers 9000 5W40 full synthetic and my truck loves it. havent looked back, and it is well worth the extra money IMO. My vote is for Schaeffers
  8. Diezel Dawg

    106* here yesterday.....

    Damn i miss it up there. Left there 4 years ago. temps were awesome during the summer. Winters were extreme but i could deal with them. by the way, 110 here yesterday, close to the same today Oh yea, im in Kandahar, Afghanistan
  9. Diezel Dawg

    Air filters

    you could also go with with the Tymar intake, i believe it runs about $196 for the whole set up. it uses a Donaldson Filter instead of the NAPA filter
  10. Diezel Dawg

    Need a battery

    definitely repalce both at the same time. But Motorcraft batteries should be like a previous poster said.
  11. Diezel Dawg

    Help Needed Transmission starting to go???

    i would definitely flush it if it has never been done, u should reall flush those every 35-45,000 miles. might save it the transmission for awhile, but u will definitely need to look to do something later down the road.
  12. Diezel Dawg

    Bigger injectors ?

    u could also buy some hybrid injectors while still keeping your stock pump. would be good for 400 hp.
  13. Diezel Dawg

    H2e kit coming along...

    who welded that thing up?? A Blind man??? LOL just kiddin Joe, looks good!
  14. Diezel Dawg


    u cant go wrong with DP-Tuner, u will love the performance gains from that chip
  15. Diezel Dawg

    Question Winter setup??? New to Diesels

    Ramrod, Double check above the oil filter housing, these trucks came stock with a block heater. There should be a cord coming out of a heater element right above the housing, then follow the cord to the front of the truck. I would say u shouldnt need to plug it in until about 20...
  16. Diezel Dawg

    battery acts dead, but its not

    batteries or even a starter drawing too much amperage. being that your truck is 9 years old, it very well could be the starter. How old are the batteries?
  17. Diezel Dawg

    Question HPX Mod

    I have used both I had the braided steel hose before and it leaked at the crimp of the fittings. Then i bought the SS line from ITP and havent lookedback. it only leaked once and it was because of a bad o-ring. I second Tailgunner opinion on the SS line
  18. Diezel Dawg

    List your Top 5 Best Upgrade/Mods.

    1. Garrett GTP38R BB Turbo 2. AFE Stage 2 Intake 3. 4" MBRP Exhaust 4. 3 Gauge A pillar 5. Dp-Tuner 3 Postion chip(upgrading to F5) 6. Bilsteins 7. 4 Moto Metal 951 wheels(paid $300) 8. ITP Reg Return w/fuel bowl delete and air Dog fuel system(installing in the fall when i return...
  19. Diezel Dawg

    Intercooler ?'s

    the only gains u will see is about 100-150 degrees in EGT drop, closer to 100 tho. with the bigger intercoolers, u will see maybe another 100 degree drop. so for $100-180 dollars, 100 degrees is worth it in my opinion. thats about all u might see
  20. Diezel Dawg

    Changing my own oil

    I have been using Rotella 15W40 for years. and Motorcraft filters also. But once i return from Korea i will be using the same filters but changing to a different oil. Schaeffers 9000 full synthetic 5W40. I have heard nothing good about this oil and their products are rated up near the tp...
  21. Diezel Dawg

    DP tuner VS Six gun

    I second this! dump the Banks and get Dp-Tuner, u will not be disappointed
  22. Diezel Dawg

    Hard starting and long cranking time

    leaking injector orings?? which could cause your HPO Reservoir to drain down. with 180,000 miles on it, that could very well be the culprit. Does it smoke after it starts and stay smoking?
  23. Diezel Dawg

    Big Oil = MPG Increases???

    if u can keep off the throttle, u should see some mild MPG increases, depending on how u drive it, maybe 1-2 mpg. check out and u can see their new Pulse pump

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