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  1. DaveBen


    There are not many folks here any more. You might try oil our sister site for the information you need.
  2. DaveBen

    Help Needed Radio Situation

    What clock are you referring to? The radio clock or the Dashboard clock - if you have one. Go to your User Name at the top right of this screen and add your Signature information. The year and model of your truck. etc. This will help all of us to know what you are referring to.
  3. DaveBen


    Welcome to Super Duty Diesel JeffersonRoss!
  4. DaveBen

    Back again after 14 years with no diesel!

    I like your six door Excursion! There is another guy on Oil Burners who made a six door F-250. Quite the process with a lot of body shop knowledge!
  5. DaveBen

    Back again after 14 years with no diesel!

    Some of us look in every so often. Not a lot going on here...
  6. DaveBen

    For the first time since 2004

    I had owner a Ford F-250 or F-350 since 1972. I got of it about 2 years ago. I miss the truck but I have almost no use for it.
  7. DaveBen

    Replacing Turbocharger is who most folks here and over at Oil Burners use. Excellent service and a great guy!
  8. DaveBen

    High pressure fuel pump contamination

    It goes back to the tank and gets reused.
  9. DaveBen

    Alternator Upgrade

    You are most welcome, Barry.
  10. DaveBen

    Alternator Upgrade

    Here is the High Output Alternator for a 2003 - 2005 F-350 with a 6.0...
  11. DaveBen

    Alternator Upgrade

    Wiring for the inverter is here: As for a 140 amp alternator it is available with an Ambulance package. It uses dual 140 amp alternators. I have no knowlege of this package and wiring.
  12. DaveBen

    I'm Here! Just joined, long time owner of multiple 7.3’s.

    Welcome to SDD Diesel Jimmy! Your knowledge, and others, are a great resource.
  13. DaveBen

    For the first time since 2004

    I got my first Ford truck in 1972. Now I do not have any Fords.
  14. DaveBen


    Welcome to SDD! There are not a lot of members here on any day. Our sister site,, might have more help. Also fill out your signature with your truck information by going to your User Name in the top BLACK line and selecting "Signature". This will help us help you.
  15. DaveBen

    First post starting problem

    I have not seen much on this site ( :haha haha). I look in every so often...
  16. DaveBen

    First post starting problem

    You might try our sister website, where a lot more folks hangout and are very willing to HELP out and not mock you. :drive
  17. DaveBen

    First post starting problem

    Welcome to SSD! There does not seem to be too many folks here these days. I posted just before Christmas and you are the first member I have communicated with. Back to your problem. Your batteries are 9 years old and that is too much time for diesel batteries. You have heavy loads on the...
  18. DaveBen

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all of the SDD Brothers and Sisters! Have a safe Holidays! :cold3:cold 3:cold 4:grin
  19. DaveBen

    Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    Great to hear from you powerboatr! :guns:
  20. DaveBen

    Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    I have been on SDD since 2005. I try to wish everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving! Almost everyone I know here is no longer present. I am hoping for one or two old friends to respond! Dave :chat
  21. DaveBen

    Climate Control not working

    Is it blowing out of the defrost ports? This indicates a vacuum hose disconnected or broken.
  22. DaveBen

    1995 F super duty automatic 2 wheel drive 7.5 engine obd 1

    This site is for Diesel Ford trucks. The 7.5 is a gasoline engine. No help here. Try
  23. DaveBen

    Back in the saddle again

    That truck outa out pull the F-150 in the last photo! Nice truck.
  24. DaveBen

    Red 90 diesel?

    It is $10,000 here in Calif also. Not worth the fine, if you get caught.
  25. DaveBen

    New Member Hello Everyone

    Welcome to SDD! Feel free to ask anything about our diesel trucks.

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