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    Another E4OD saga long post

    So today I did indeed flush the transmission... Took 7 GALLONS before I got clean fluid back from the cooler output. I also swapped the coolers from being one after the other to splitting the load and once I put new filter in it and got the level right took it for a spin. (2 hour round trip)...
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    Another E4OD saga long post

    Your right about the F superduty being the older brother of the F450. The truck came factory with 16 inch wheels and I'm not sure about the gear ratio but at 70 im turning somewhere around 2400 RPM. The transmission might very well be toast at this point but like I said the truck doesn't slip in...
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    Another E4OD saga long post

    Hi everyone. I've been dealing with what seems like an ailing E4OD for a few months and to familiarize everyone I'll run down the list of things I've done to this point. Hopefully I can get an idea of what is next aside from the new converter I'm going to have to put in. So first of all its a...
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    Hello from VA

    Hi, I've been "lurking" around this forum for a while and it's come time to say hi! I bought a 97 powerstroke for work with an altec bucket on it with 150k on it and it's been better for me than my 460 powered one was. Anyhow thanks for the info here.

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