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    Question Replacement Tires

    i luv Cooper Tires...cant go wrong wit Coopers !!!
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    Best picture ever??

    1 of the best pics ive seen in a while !!!
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    6.0 motor oil

    Amsoil 5w-40 all year long !!!
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    1 Million Miles And Counting

    lets see a 6.0...6.4...and 6.7 do all that and more !!!
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    Oil Prices Dropping Like A Rock Today!!!!

    $3.95 steady here in central jersey !!!
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    6.0 turbo upgrade

    im thinkin the Powermaxx in the future !!!
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    NJ Area PS Get Together

    Jersey Stroker Club if u would like 2 swing by...Pic-A-Lilli Inn 866 Rt. 206 Shamong, NJ 08088
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    Goodbye Tundra hello F250

    congrats on a real truck purchase...welcome aboard !!!
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    4 inch vs 5 inch exhaust

    just ordered 5" for my 2006 !!!
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    Edge Juice w/Attitude

    and if u have a manual tranny ???
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    Safe trans temp?

    put syn tranny fluid in there also !!!
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    Latest thoughts on Trans fluid?

    i have a 6 spd manny tranny, but switched over 2 Amsoil Syn oil just 4 longevity !!!
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    Fuel additives - what are you guys running?

    i use Power sevice in my trucks...sometimes ill throw some lucas in the same time...!!!
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    Question Engine Oil of Choice

    Amsoil 5w-40 all thru the year !!!
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    White smoke when starting in cold

    cuz the engine iz cold !!!
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    New and need info. Which one to get 7.3L or 6.0L???

    i luv my 6.0L...but like the 96 year also(7.3L) !!!
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    cold weather no start

    my mechanic said they roast easily !!!
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    Question Oil questions

    i use Amsoil 5w-40 my changes every 10k miles and oil filters every 5k miles !!!
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    the trip from hell and why i love my psd

    i wuz thinkin that also...who iz still supportin themselves...FORD !!!
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    Dead battery fix

    soundz like itz time 4 some red top optima's !!!
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    Question EGR and EGR manifold carbon buildup 2006 6.0

    i think since the people of the EPA created this junk, they should be the 1's cleanin them out !!!
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    Hankook Tires

    get the Cooper STT's !!!
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    Article SDD Amsoil Synthetics Test

    i have been runnin Amsoil 5w-40 oil in my 6.0L for about 30k miles...luv it and wont change back 2 anythin else !!!
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    wanna join our NJ club ???

    wanna join our NJ club ???
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    wanna join our NJ club ???

    wanna join our NJ club ???

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