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  1. jpringle83

    drain for dana50 ?

    Here's a link. TheDieselStop.Com -
  2. jpringle83

    Question 2007 6.0 Check Engine Light On

    From what I understand none of the light duty trucks came with manifold gaskets. Most of them never leak don't know how that works it must be due to the thickness of the flange on the manifold and extreme cylinder heat. My '05 didn't have gaskets either and only started to have a leak after I...
  3. jpringle83

    boost after egr delete

    I just did some searching and that sounds on par for the delete. Doesn't seem anyone really knows why but it seems normal. I'll be finally installing mine in a week or so and let you know what I find.
  4. jpringle83

    Question Blue spring

    I think the bowl on the cover must be slightly larger. I used it anyways, though by eye I couldn't see a difference.
  5. jpringle83


    H&S is for the 6.4 hands down SCT for the 6.0 nothing else touches even the preloaded tunes. With the additional options on the SCT SF3 it does what other on the fly tuners can't. I've had a Banks Six Gun and maybe power wise it was a little better. However it couldn't turn off the egr lock the...
  6. jpringle83

    Questions on stock stereo's

    The newer stereos won't fit anyway and the speakers are the same crappy ones that ford and every other manufacturer has been using since the dawn of time. Paper cone with foam surround which is garbage. So crutchfield is a good place to start to give you an idea of what to expect but better...
  7. jpringle83

    No wrench light this time out

    It was the EGR your valve is sticking. For some reason mine did the same thing only with the 5th wheel in tow lighter loads or no loads did not cause this issue for me.
  8. jpringle83

    Fuel prices

    Same here Dave it was right around 4.25 to 4.75 and I just saw a sign for 3.85. It was .30 cheaper than regular unleaded too.:clap: Finally it's going the right direction but for how long?
  9. jpringle83

    Remote Starters?

    That's using a time delay relay which is what it sounds like. The wait to start on most of them waits for an input from the wait to start light on the dash usually, either - or + 12v. Pretty simple really when the light goes out the relays from the unit activate the starter and ignition.
  10. jpringle83

    Sway control

    Reese has a distribution sway control combo now too. That being said I have a buddy that just has the 1000# distribution with a 28ft tt toyhauler and no additional sway control and has no issues. His trailer is 10k fully loaded. Several guys we ride with have tried dual sway control with the...
  11. jpringle83

    6.0 shutter at low throttle

    What is with the sudden influx of computer trolls on this forum. I've noticed several of this style post and not just on this board.
  12. jpringle83

    Towing with 3.31 gears

    This is exactly the reason why I refuse to drive one of the new superduties. I did drive a 2010 with the 6.4 and my 6.0 would drive circles around it even stock but the new creature comforts and the mileage/power of the new 6.7 are pretty alluring. I just can't justify the huge price tag. I'd...
  13. jpringle83

    Remote Starters?

    Yeah I was installing them about 6-8 years ago when they really started to get popular and almost all of those had a wait to start input and a tach input. I can tell you that it's best to have someone install it professionally. I would definitely say it's worth it I have one on my superduty and...
  14. jpringle83

    Remote Starters?

    I have had several and installed hundreds what do you want to know?
  15. jpringle83

    no start after driving

    Forgot the STC if it hasn't already been changed but yes I would definitely go with a high pressure oil leak.
  16. jpringle83

    question about banks tuner

    My personal experience is that it created so many headaches for my 6.0 that it went down the road to someone else and I bought an SCT and love it. The on the fly programs were very nice however it was a glitchy tuner that would occasionally change some input from a sensor to the point where I...
  17. jpringle83

    SES and no power/boost? Restarted and OK.

    You could still do it just have to leave the cooler in but use the sneaky delete pipe which basically changes the uppipe to one with the outlet to the egr welded to the outside of a straight pipe. I still have my cat and run a tow tune which doesn't smoke and am debating just swapping uppipes...
  18. jpringle83

    SES and no power/boost? Restarted and OK.

    What kind of testing do you have to do in california? Visual or full on emissions?
  19. jpringle83

    SES and no power/boost? Restarted and OK.

    Well mine was definitely the EGR valve causing the problem. Shut it off with the SCT and never had an issue until I turned it back on. Weird that it never threw a code for me just put it into limp mode. I did verify by turning it back on and it happened within about 50miles just can't understand...
  20. jpringle83

    SES and no power/boost? Restarted and OK.

    Good news is that you're not alone, the bad news is is that I never was able to pull a single code off of mine when it went into limp mode. I have an insight monitor for my gauges which didn't give a single code when it was doing it real time and also an sct tuner that didn't pull anything...
  21. jpringle83

    Ected "Lockers" Suck

    Yeah I'd heard this on several 4wd forums and having ARB USA right here in Washington makes it an easy choice for me. I recently installed a used ARB and compressor in an HP Dana44 for a friend and had bought a new bulkhead fitting for it but turns out ARB has a new style for the newer models...
  22. jpringle83

    Alignment or ball joints?

    Or hauling a load and you find that one wonderful pothole or during highway construction the sign that says bump is right next to it.:eek:
  23. jpringle83

    Alignment or ball joints?

    Or you can run spicers like what came in the knuckles although they are more expensive. I have beaten them to death in several wheelers much more punishment than a pavement pounder will ever see. Moogs are nice to but I have destroyed them fairly easily off pavement.
  24. jpringle83

    Clicking noise from wheel

    Check the u-joint on that axleshaft and if it's not that it's the hub. More than likely it's just a bad u-joint. Happens to us wheelers all the time but usually it's click click boom and at that point a faulty u-joint is unmistakeable.
  25. jpringle83

    New Truck Time!!!

    I agree that's an s-ton of miles for that price I want to see a list of every item that's been replaced and if all the wear items haven't been replaced I'd offer half that. My '05 has 1/3 of the miles of that truck and at least around here similar to mine they go for around 20k with around 100k...

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