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    oil dipstick ... 6.7

    Dumb question, but are you taking the step of wiping it, putting it back in, then checking it? Can't say I've ever had a problem reading mine.
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    Gearing options

    The 4.56's are short gears. Tall gears would be like 3.55's. Think of tall gears having longer legs on the freeway. Anyway, I know guys that have run the Gear Vendors set up and have no issues. But you should compare prices between that and regearing the axles. I bet you'll be close. And...
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    New Super Duty

    I'm curious what the market is going to do when all the new trucks are released. Are there going to be some good rebatez?
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    Disaster Proof Kit

    I ordered mine from Amazon. You can save a few bucks and get one without the filter, but then I think you have to check the fuel filters to make sure everything is ok.
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    Question Mysterious Coolant Leak

    Which reservoir are you filling up usually? The one for the engine or the one for the intercooler?
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    Disaster Proof Kit

    I honestly couldn't tell you a failure rate. When my buddy talked to the mechanic at work he was on his 4th truck within 6 months. Granted they're government trucks that aren't treated well. But the kit was $400. To replace the fuel system is $8000 just in parts. So I went with the plan to get...
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    New Super Duty

    I was looking for an F350 not too long ago and there's nothing around. Guess I'll have to be happy with what I have.
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    Disaster Proof Kit

    I installed this yesterday. Overall it wasn't too bad. I think it was 4 hours start to finish. Not having to cut lines was nice. I do plan on getting some more loom to protect some of the hoses. It was nice to see my metering valve didn't show any signs of pump failure yet.
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    Disaster Proof Kit

    If I had known about them I'd already have one installed. I was supposed to go out of town this weekend, but plans have changed. So I might install the kit instead. It seems nice with an extra filter and all factory connections ready to go. I'm guessing the hard part will be pulling all the...
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    Disaster Proof Kit

    Just curious if anyone has installed one of these? I recently found out about them and my buddy talked to a diesel mechanic at work that highly recommended one. I ended up ordering an S&S kit and it should be here in the next couple of days.
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    Despite the Rumors I am still alive

    Did you go full air for the ride? I think bags are in my near future just to help things out.
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    5 pin trailer connector not recognized

    What year truck? Are all the fuses good?
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    2017 F250 DPF Question

    The manual regen is usually an option. It's not standard across the line. I think it's more for the work trucks that tend to idle a lot.
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    Battery Question: what’s this fused accessory wire?

    The batteries in the 15's and 16's must've been horrible. Mine did the same thing as far as corroding. The passenger side battery was actually swelled up.
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    Battery Question: what’s this fused accessory wire?

    Did the truck ever have a shell? I have a power wire like that for the light inside the shell.
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    starting issue

    How old are the batteries? The fact that you can jump it leads me to believe they're on their way out. I've had batteries that could crank on the first hit, but after that they were dead. Got into an argument with a Walmart employee about that.
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    2015 F250 rear crew cab vents low air volume

    I would assume there's a separate fan for those. It might need replacing. Or a good cleaning at least.
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    2015 F250 rear crew cab vents low air volume

    Do you a center console with vents or is it the vents under the front seats. If it's the vents under the seats I've noticed they never pushed a large volume of air. Just enough to give the rear passengers a bit of air. It's been like that since the truck was new.
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    2011 f350 seats

    The plugs should be right under where the seat bolts in. Dig under the carpet. The people that installed the other seat probably tucked them away. At least hopefully they did and didn't cut anything off.
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    Losing transmission fluid

    Get under the truck and look for the leak.
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    2015 GAS F250 crew cab 4x4

    As this is a diesel site I don't think you're going to get a lot of info on the gassers.
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    Comfy seats

    I don't think many people have found the stock seats that uncomfortable. My longest trip was 16 hours and I never had an issue. And usually aftermarket seats don't have all the factory features. Your best bet is going to be talking to an upholstery shop and see if they can help.
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    Recommendations for a tuner/programmer for...

    Why would it clog the dpf? I would think if it's getting clogged then either its not performing regens or being over fueled. Or both.
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    Recommendations for a tuner/programmer for...

    Contact Five Star Tuning. They can sell you a tune and the device for loading the tune. I had a tune from them on my Expedition and I was happy with it. If I ever tune my current truck I'll go with them.
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    OBD codes

    There's TSB on one of the sensors for exhaust flow. I think mine was replaced early in ownership. I can't find it right now, but I know I got something from Ford about extending the warranty out to 100k. It might be worth researching.

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