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    oil gauge installation help needed

    Were is the best place to hook-up an oil gauge to my 2002 7.3. Thanks Geoff
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    over boost eliminator

    Thanks for the info bbressler. Geoff
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    over boost eliminator

    I need to put on a over boost eliminator line on my truck.Does any one know how to build one,I don't want to buy one from SP Diesel if i dont have to.I,am to cheap i guess. Thanks Geoff
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    removing 06 6 stacker radio

    Thanks for the replys but this one does not have the four holes on it.It must bolt in some how? Thanks Geoff
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    removing 06 6 stacker radio

    I was wondering how to remove the radio from a 06 f350. Thanks geoff
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    Tonka emblem

    I have seen them before,But i can't remember where.It goes on the back Ford oval emblem on the tailgate,If anyone knows where to get them that would we great. Thanks Geoff.
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    Door Seal Mod

    Where would i find the door seal mod? Thanks Geoff
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    manual hubs

    Thanks for the info. Is there any thing special to do to my 2002 f250 when changing the fuel filter. Thanks Geoff
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    manual hubs

    i was wondering if you can run the hubs in the locked position full time.Or is this going to damage the hubs.Also can i convert my lock/free hubs to auto/lock hubs.My shifter is on the floor if this helps. Thanks for the help New to the 4x4 scene. Geoff

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