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    dpf fines

    I'm just on the other side of Denton too. What kind of system you running? I'm thinking of going with Innovative Diesel. Thanks. cp
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    How to remove paint on side mirror bases

    The previous owner of my f250 felt it necessary to paint the mirror bases silver to match the truck and put chrome mirror covers on. I have pulled off the chrome covers successfully but I now want the bases back to black. Should I paint over the silver or remove the paint?
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    Damage to Truck with Spartan Tuner

    was wondering the same here.
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    BRP Diesel Exhaust tip, what diameter???

    I want to add one of these...can someone tell me what's the diameter of the tip before it splits into as it exits my 09 f250? Rolling Big Power - Diesel Performance
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    Compass/ Temp Mirror

    what about the bluetooth mic?
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    Compass/ Temp Mirror

    I just picked up a 09 F250 FX4 with all the options, but Compass/ Temp Mirror. Can I just pick one up at a salvage yard and plug it in? Also I would like to add the visor with the garage door buttons, can that be picked up and added too? Thanks.
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    Some sweet '08 pics (Official 2008 Super Duty Picture Thread)

    Hey bud, what size rims and tires are those and how much lift? Looks great!!!
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    Another newbie from DFW

    Hello! I just picked up a 2009 F250 4x4 diesel w/ 30k miles.
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    Question Largest Tire F250 4x4 2009

    What's the largest tire I can put on my f250 4x4 2009 without a lift? The guy who had it before had 22's with 305/45/22 on it and they're brand new, but not my style. I'm going 18" with toyo open countrys. Thanks. cp

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