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    Frount end shimmy

    I am starting to notice, when I hit a bad bump or a pot-hole, that I get a little bit of a shimmy. I only have 73K miles on the truck. Is this normal or am I going to need new tie rods soon?:confused:
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    Crankin, Welcome to the sight. I too had these questions. The tymare mod-- I made mine out of a 6637 filter and a 4" piece of exhaust pipe. I had added an ATS turbo housing that came with a 4" intake. What I am running is a ATS turbo housing that has a 4" intake and the big filter. The AIH...
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    Like Luke said, Tony Wildman is the place to go to get the most out of the chip for the 7.3. Tony will work with you to get the most out of your truck. Give him a try.
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    Why are you guy's stacking programs/chips? I have a custom chip from Tony Wildman that does it all. I just don't understand why you have to stack this and that when you can have just one chip. Fill me in if I am missing something.
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    New to Powerstroke, need help

    Lose the K&N. I ran one for a little while but could not get it to seal properly. I run the home made tymar filter. I think you would like running Tony Wildman's 4 pos chip instead of the Bullydog. You need to at least get a EGT and Boost gauge. I run ISOPRO
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    single gauge A-pillar pod

    If you are only getting a single A pillar pod, I would suggest getting a electronic monitor that would keep track of boost and egt's. Remember, one of these days you are going to want to add on to your gauges. If you get the electronic one, you can have it read more inputs. I have a triple pod...
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    Normal Pyro Temps????

    I have ISSO pro gauges and at 65 I read 600 ish. This is pre-turbo.
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    chips and gauges

    You will like Tony's tunes. I have a 4 pos chip from Tony and just love it. I have the high idle, econo, tow, and extreme. Most of the time I haul my fifth wheel on econo mode. When I hit some steep hills, I switch over to the tow mode. I set the cruise control and the chip does the rest. I am...
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    I have the ATS housing and have never gotten any surges. I didn't install my housing but Tony Wildman (he is the one that installed it) told me that you can do it without having to completely removing the turbo.
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    01 F350 Alternator not charging

    Did you take the new alternator back in and have it tested. I have changed alternators before had got a hold of some bad ones.
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    Several "problems?"

    I only turn a 17.54 with my mods. It does sound like maybe you have a valve train problem. Are you sure that what you are hearing at the exhaust pipe is just the normal sound of a straight pipe. Mine has that helicopter sound to it when going down the road with no load.
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    And the winner is............

    Congrat's Richard, I know you will enjoy your new exhaust.
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    Exhaust modification?

    I run a MBRP 4" system without a cat or muffler. Look at my race vidio for the sound. I love the way it sounds.
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    Boost number?

    Yea you should be seeing more boost than that. I run my wastgate line disconnected and when I am in the extream position on my chip, I see about 32#s of boost max.
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    Ok, you guy's are killing me. Am I going to have to go get some stacks? The only thing I worry about is if my trailer is going to get suit all over it if I go to stacks.:confused:
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    I want more power

    When did you hook to a sled Luke? How good did you do? I like the disappearing Dodge video.
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    stacks vs. rear exit exh. ???

    That's the same thing I a running and just love it. I did take the MBRP muffler off after a while because I wanted it loader than it was. Listen to my race vido with the muffler delete.
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    installing egt gauge

    You did the smart thing. I have had both on my pickup. I found that the pre turbo was better. It registers faster than post turbo. When I am towing and have to turn the chip up, I found that you can really go over 1250 if you are using post turbo because of the lag time. I found that it was...
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    Stacks Installed

    Good lookin stacks. Needs suit though:thumbs
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    Anniversary Celebration!!!!!

    Sounds like an awesome way of celebrating. Congratulations on the two year mile stone. I live in Moore Okla and right around the corner from Tony Wildman. I got to know Tony thru another web sight and have been friends since. Tony likes to get everyone together for special events. At the...
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    Performance Switches and Knobs on dash?

    Yeah I think the best thing to do is to contact the last owner. He will be the only one to really tell you what the switches are for.
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    I found out that I could just clean the battery posts and lugs and it would start right up real good. After 5 years, one of my factory batteries showed the little red ball in the sight gauge. I replaced both of my batteries with the Auto Zone gold batteries. I have had no problems with them so...
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    My New Rig

    Welcome to the dually club. I have towed fifth wheel trailers with single axle tucks and with dually. I have to admit that the dually wins when it comes to towing in high cross winds. I just like the way a dually feels while towing.
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    1780 miles

    Already playing with the new truck hu. Glad you like the way it sounds. How is it differant than the way the 01 sounds?
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    MBRP Muffler Delete

    Look at my race vidio. I have the 4" MBRP without a muffler. You can get a good sample of the sound.

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