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    SCT XCAL 2 or SCT Livewire. . .?

    Personal preferance but I would go with the proven XCAL2 and Gauges.
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    which tuner?

    Gotta agree. Custom tuned SCT is the only way to go.
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    Best deal on Fuel Filters???

    Go to your IH truck dealer. They are about half the price of the Ford filters and it is the same product. Let me know if you need the part number.
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    Intake for 6.0

    Factory box is much better then previous factory boxes (7.3). I am getting ready to switch just because I got a smoken deal (Cheaper then a new filter) on a used one from a customer of mine and I wanted washable filters. Unless you have money to blow I would stick with the stock box. Chris
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    04 Excursion

    IMHO a custom tuned SCT is the best thing for the 6.0. No it isn't on the fly but well worth every penny. Chris
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    tuner ??

    The diablo (or at least the older ones) are known to pop head gaskets. Listen to Gene (WeWeld) after all he has the fastest 6.0 in the world... At least for now... Custom Tuned SCT hands down.
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    has anyone used the SCT to calibrate for larger tires?

    You can correct the trans shifting for the correct tire size but not the speedo with the SCT.
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    fuel filter prices

    I just go straight to the International Truck dealership and get them for half the price of FMCO. The kit you want is really for the VT275 even though our engine is a VT365. Int'l #: 1847170C92
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    need intake for my brothers 6.0

    Keep the stocker in there as it flows fine and filters the best.
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    just got my SCT

    If you get the 'canned' version then yes you can upgrade it to a custom tuned unit but you will never be able to use the 'canned' tunes again.
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    Spitting coolant all over the engine

    How full is the coolant bottle. Mine will puke untill it gets to a lower level and then be fine.
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    06 6.0 power

    Pickup some gauges, exhaust, and a custom tuned SCT and you should be set. There are several running this with no problem.
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    5" o 6" Tips

    Call up ITP as Dennis has good deals on them. I think MBRP has them now too but they are shorter.
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    Torqshift uprades?

    SunCoast has kits and John Woods. Hope that helps.
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    twin turbos for Powerstroke

    ATS has one coming but it is hard telling how long it will take.
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    6.0 guys, come on in!

    I have an 04 and it has been great. A few bumps in the road but that is to be expected. The grey one has less miles and is an XLT and the white one is an XL.
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    Portable Dyno in Missouri??

    Floor It Diesel in Lawrence KS. I was also thinking that there was a place in KC but don't remember for sure.
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    Kansas ORV Park, outside Manhattan

    Is it Tuttle that you are talking about?
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    Towing with a power adder

    Don't know for sure but I am wondering if you didn't talk to me... The man that rights the tunes is very familiar with 6.0's. It is his living. Does he have a tow file??? Yes we do but he only recommends it for under 8K loads. He is not worried so much about the EGT's but the CP's and water...
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    what chip is the best for my ford 6.0

    You need an SCT tuner. You can decide what tuner you like best and purchase different tunes from different people. You can look it over at
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    off road diesel

    This is what I have heard too. They target places that farmers are (auctions, fairs, ect). Be careful. Wouldn't home made bio be cheaper with less risk the off road diesel?
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    PICS: High School Stadium (72MILLION)

    WOW... I can't even imagine what it would be like to play ball in a place like that.
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    Canned programs don't get everything. Most custom tuners have done enough research and testing to know what is safe. CP testing is optimal but most good tuners know what they are doing.

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