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  1. DOC-MX

    New Member HI!!! From Argentina!!!

    X2 Welcome to the forum. I suppose that you speak, write and understand Spanish, right?. Im from Mexico and once in a while Id like to speak in Spanish with somebody who speak it. Good look. Take care.
  2. DOC-MX

    New skin design that involves the members.

    My first diesel I call her "LA DIESEL"
  3. DOC-MX

    Battery Drainage?

    If previous test doesn't work try removing both positive terminals tie one out of way so not to touch anything ,take other terminal and put a voltmeter or test light between battery post & terminal if you get more than 3-4 volts or light is on you have a drain. Make sure everything is off while...
  4. DOC-MX

    6.0 intercooler upgrade or other?

    I think the spearco IC is the way to go with your mods. Maybe also pricey, IDK.
  5. DOC-MX

    Fuel leak,top of motor at rear

    JFYI: Actually you dont have to pull the turbo, look here Fuel leak - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums JUST REMEMBER THE TURBO DOES NOT HAVE TO COME OFF TO REPLACE THE FUEL PUMP ON CALI MODELS.
  6. DOC-MX


    I think you will be find doing that IMHO. ;tu
  7. DOC-MX


    Yes the stand pipe has to be back again, its necessary for the filter. Why?, I really dont know, :dunno obviously to heat the fuel there, but its not useful in the real practice, maybe only if you live in the artic. :eek:
  8. DOC-MX


    Agree with that, and I did what Patrick mention in tha last part. ;tu
  9. DOC-MX


    The bottom of my canister also was rotted out, because that gunk, I fixed with JB weld inside and outside, and took out the heather element for ever, you dont needed it!, and in that way its very easy to clean the bottom of the bowl every filter change. :sweet
  10. DOC-MX

    Question Stealer want $$$ for ICP connector - where for less?

    Patrick, That number is for the ICP connector, not to the ICP sensor, right? And till I understand the OP needs only the connector. :dunno
  11. DOC-MX

    Projector Headlights

    I think that the description in the ad is VERY CLEAR: DESCRIPTION This is a brand new 2pcs complete set of headlights 1PC-style (replacement of factory Headlight &corner light & bumper lights). Manufactured by OEM approved manufacturers that meets OE standard, good quality & fit perfectly...
  12. DOC-MX

    fuel system upgrade

    Thanks for the update, keep posting. ;tu
  13. DOC-MX

    fuel system upgrade

    You are welcome, no problem, any time:cool:
  14. DOC-MX

    fuel system upgrade

    here: Tims I/C Page example
  15. DOC-MX

    fuel system upgrade

    Yes you can do something like this from Tim´s write up: In this photo, assembled from left to right are; 1) –12 SAE O-ring to ¾” Male NPT adaptor, 2) ¾” NPT Female to ½” NPT Female adaptor, and 3) ½” NPT to 3/8’ hose barb adaptor.
  16. DOC-MX

    fuel system upgrade

    X2 on that, take it easy. :D
  17. DOC-MX

    weird thump under feet

    Okey dokey. Thanks.
  18. DOC-MX

    weird thump under feet

    subscribed to this question.
  19. DOC-MX

    Question FRP Spring - Available to purchase seperate?

    Patrick, thouse numbers are just for the spring alone?. :dunno
  20. DOC-MX

    Home made exhaust brake

    Well, I have it and works fine for me, I also have read about the less effectiveness when pulling 10k+ loads, but if you have equilibrated the trailer brakes, truck brakes with a good break controller and the DIY exhaust brake, I think you can make it. Lets see if anybody chime in later.

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