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  1. tr30

    Question I hate being the noob w/another exhaust " ?"

    Yes I'm going to tune with an h&s mini max. I was looking at which exhaust to buy and had a question about the bung/no bung thing. And you answered it for me. I'm doing a 5" flo-pro or diamond eye with h&s mini. I'll do intake in a few months when I save up some more money. I'm looking for...
  2. tr30

    Question I hate being the noob w/another exhaust " ?"

    Got a question about ordering an exhaust with bungs or without. Do I really need to order on with bungs? Why would I need bungs? Does the factory egt sensor go in one of these?
  3. tr30

    Help Needed Won't start!!!

    My truck won't start. I've had the batteries checked and they are 90% charged. Alternator is good and all cables and connections are good and tight. Only thing it will do it click the solenoid. I don't lose power in cab to any of the lights and my radio doesn't reset. Guess my question is would...
  4. tr30


    hey can someone post some pics of the 10k mod? there are none on the wiki page and it needs some bad!! i work better with pictures!!! thanks!!
  5. tr30

    Problem with TS 6 Position

    So here's my problem. My truck was setting nest to a tree that was struck by lighting. Fried my IDM. Got it replaced and also had my ECM checked out to make sure there was nothing wrong with it. it was 100% a ok. I hooked everything back up with out my chip installed and the truck cranked up and...
  6. tr30

    Computer Fried???!!!

    a follow up on what was wrong. the IDM got fried by lighting. the ECM was still good. thaks for all the input guys.
  7. tr30

    Computer Fried???!!!

    Thanks guys for the help. figured I would have to hook it to a scanner to figure it out.
  8. tr30

    Computer Fried???!!!

    Yeah I think it did! and it sucks
  9. tr30

    Computer Fried???!!!

    Bad lightning storm last night. 8/15/09 my truck was parked 10 ft away from a tree that was struck by lightning. went out to start it this morning to go to work and all it would do was crank. never even tried to sputter or start. left it set all day and when i got home from work I unhooked both...
  10. tr30

    10K, 5.6K, Etc...

    thanks for the advice and how to do this. greatly appericated
  11. tr30

    10K, 5.6K, Etc...

    Explain to me how it works and how to do it?
  12. tr30

    Diamond Eye 4" single exhaust fit problems

    I had the same problem with my dual set up on the passenger side but I cut the over the axle pipe on the muffler end until it was dead center over the axle. I use a band saw to cut it, but a sawzall with a long enough blade might work.
  13. tr30

  14. tr30


    I just recently bought a Diamond Eye dual set-up for my Truck. I was wandering if anyone was running one on their truck? Or if any body had heard one on an OBS truck. If so let me know.
  15. tr30

    TS Chip

    I bought one last fall and like it a lot. is it a 6pos? if so what settings did you get?
  16. tr30

    what is this?

    So I can just plug it with the pipe plug and it wont throw any codes or leak?
  17. tr30

    I want smoke!

    I only want smoke when I what it and not when I dont. it looks cool on a slow cruise down main street, or sittin at a car show. thats what I want smoke for.
  18. tr30

    what is this?

    I recently found a fuel leak on the drivers side of the fpr. It sticks out from the fpr toward the fender. it is leaking underneath it slowly. my truck has a stutter from about 1300 to 2300 under half to full throttle. I would like to fix it but I want to find out what it is. I have a picture of...
  19. tr30

    I want smoke!

    I was wandering if I could get any smoke out of my truck without having to by new injectors right now. Anybody have any tips or tricks to do this? :hail
  20. tr30

    Help! changing rear shoes on a 97 f-250

    thanks guys. I got them off and didnt even half to beat on them. Many things can be accomplished with a big enough prybar screwdriver. thanks again.:thumbs
  21. tr30

    Question about stacks

    I was planning on leaving the aero turbine muffler i have on it.
  22. tr30

    Help! changing rear shoes on a 97 f-250

    I'm changing the rear shoes on my OBS f250 and cant get the drum off. I need some instrustions please! thanks
  23. tr30

    Question about stacks

    I am wanting to put stacks on my regular cab truck. I was wondering how Loud it would be in the cab running 65-70 down the road? I want it loud when i mash the throttle but at crusing speeds i want it manageable.
  24. tr30

    Is This A Good Chip?

    I have a TS 6pos. I want to know If I can get it reprogramed? What is the Bullride Setting? Mine has stock, high idle, 50, 75, 100, 140.

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