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  1. rondog

    Your Winter Projects

    I plan on getting the tow bar and trailer hitch done on my Chevy LUV 4X4 and taking it and the quads to the desert as much as possible.:sweet
  2. rondog

    New Member new one from Cali

    Welcome. I'm just over the hill from you in the LA area.
  3. rondog

    Fuel filter 7.3

    I shopped around on E Bay and found the old style w/o the lid for my '97. Might not be the best known brand, but they are working good for me. A lot less $ too. I was not going to pay $20 or whatever for a fuel filter at Pep Boys.:watchout
  4. rondog

    Post Pics of your OBS here

    This is my '97 F250. I bought it new in Aug. '98. I have just over 100,000 now. This was my son's '95 F250 with a 460 in it. It was quite a monster. Here he is climbing up Oldsmobile hill in Glamis, CA. He traded it in for this '06 F350 diesel. It has 54000 miles on it.
  5. rondog

    Some pics all cleaned up!

    Have you been out yet today? It rained last night. j.k.:lmao Nice truck.
  6. rondog

    photos When too much is really too much

    He drove through Pep Boys with a magnate and installed everything that stuck to it.
  7. rondog


    D.E. is available at any pool supply store. It's used in pool filters. And it's pretty cheap. I will try it out on my ants. I hope it works.
  8. rondog

    photos When too much is really too much

    What craks me up is the ghetto...ees I guess, chrome up all the parts that the designers tried very hard to hide. Door handles, gas doors and the lines where the doors meet, trunk lid to body, etc. And the ghetto ees add chrome to all these places to bring them out! :dunno
  9. rondog

    comment Wanna save fuel? Make all right turns!

    My guess would be idle time at signals. You can turn right on a red after a complete stop,in Ca.
  10. rondog

    A classic movie

    Well, they were removing track so the wheel would fall down, then go back up. A pipe wrench would make the wheel hopp up. I wounder if that's the difference.
  11. rondog

    keyless entry code

    I'll tell him to check out those ideas. Thanks.
  12. rondog

    keyless entry code

    My son bought ,used, an 06 F350. It has keyless entry on the door but we don't have the code as he got the truck from a Chevy dealer. Does any one know a way to get the code, or to reset it back to default? The Ford dealer can do it through the computer but they want somthing like $80 bucks...
  13. rondog

    Question Noob to PSD - Cruise Control Problems

    My first guess would be the torque converter is locking and unlocking. Could be a problem there.
  14. rondog

    A classic movie

    Very interesting.
  15. rondog

    What kind of diff oil

    Well, I thought I could drain the old oil out through a drain plug and refill through another. That is why I was going to use the dyno oil. It looks like I have to remove the whole cover. So I'll be able to clean it all out and install synthetic oil. Any recomendations? I also need to change...
  16. rondog

    Take a look here.

    Very nice. Like I said, I pull a lowbed and 9 axle around Los Angeles. I haul cranes. I drive a 1999 Pete 379 short hood. I used to contract to a van lines and owned an '87 and '92 2 axle Petes and later an '02 379 long hood 3 axle. I'm a union employee now and very happy to not have to pay for...
  17. rondog

    Take a look here.

    Well, lets see some pics of your work trucks? Are you using pick ups , hot shot style or do you have semis? I'm a low bed driver out here in So CA. , and into big trucks, so I was just curious.
  18. rondog

    best mileage from a powerstroke

    I get around 16-17 running empty to and from work, with 4-10's in the back. 2000 rpm seems to be the magic number. Above 2000 the mileage drops dramatically. I put my Lance camper on and run 70mph on a trip and only get around 10mpg. Then Ill keep the camper, add my 10,000lb dirt bike...
  19. rondog

    Hello from Riverside Ca

    I'm new here too. I'm in Whittier. We're practically neighbors.
  20. rondog

    HID light conversion?

    My son got rid of his '95 and put his HIDs on my '97. I really like them. But I don't have high beams now. He said that's just how they are. Is this true? I don't know that I would ever need them again with the HID's being so bright, but I wonder if there is a law about having high beams that a...
  21. rondog

    Tow/Haul mode ?s

    I know it changes the shift points to a higher rpm.
  22. rondog

    What kind of diff oil

    Good enough for me. I just finally got to 100,000 miles, after 10 years. So it needs changing now. Thanks for the help.
  23. rondog

    What kind of diff oil

    Ok. Will a parts store have this or is it from the Ford dealer only?
  24. rondog

    What kind of diff oil

    I have a '97 F 250. It has the limited slip rear diff., 4:10s. The manual says 80/90wt (thermally stable) and 8oz. of "friction modifier", Part # C8AZ-19B546-A. Ford Spec. # M2C118-A What is this? Is it really needed? Is it whats already in limited slip 80/90 that I can get at my parts...
  25. rondog

    SuperDuty Tow & Transport Pics (What Are You Pulling Out There)

    '97 F250 PSD auto trans. Banks Power stuff. Lance camper approx. 3500lbs. 20' Sport Trailer full of quads, bikes and firewood, approx 10,000lbs. Pulls great. Needs an aftercooler though. The exhaust likes to get hot working up the mountains. Sorry for the size. I resized it on photobucket...

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