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  1. booerman

    Update 2008 superduty mirror lights

    to change the lights on a 2008 superduty mirror. look under the outside edge of the top mirror(farthest from the truck) you will see a tab. press that tab with a screw driver and gently pull the lights once the tab releases the lights will slide out for access to the lights. thanks for all the...
  2. booerman

    2008 superduty mirror lights

    i thought the same thing but it looks sealed and was afraid of breaking the plastic. i will look again and see thanks for the help.
  3. booerman

    2008 superduty mirror lights

    ok i will try that thank you
  4. booerman

    2008 superduty mirror lights

    does anyone know how to access the mirror lights to change them on my 08 superduty. my mirror was hit while driving down the road by a passind semi truck with a sleeper door open. after that i noticed the mirror lights are broke off and would light to replace them please help.
  5. booerman

    New Member hello

    im diron and new to the forum wanted to say hello to everyone.

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