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  1. White Buffalo

    Trans Temp 170+

    I would drain and drop the tranny pan, see if there are any metal parts/sludge in the bottom of the pan. Then blow out the portion of the radiator where the tranny coolant lines connect with an air hose. My torque converter was chewing itself up last winter and had similar symptoms, but it could...
  2. White Buffalo

    Rear Main Seal

    Vinni, Just like posted above. I had the same exact situation & thought it was the rear main seal. Turned out to be oil seeping from the orange intake boots. Any oil leak up top will drip down the drain hole located in the back of the V of the engine & leak down the bell housing etc...
  3. White Buffalo

    Potential Engine repair/replacement avoided!!

    Here are two links to info on biodiesel and compatability issues: Biological & Agricultural Engine Biological & Agricultural Engine I would ask roosterdiesel (send him a PM) he had used 100% biodiesel for a while and knows alot about this. The documentation I have read seems to indicate...
  4. White Buffalo

    Potential Engine repair/replacement avoided!!

    Hey Antonio - that's what I was trying to say (as long as it has a anti-gel additive). But I probably should have said cloud point instead of gel Rich
  5. White Buffalo

    Potential Engine repair/replacement avoided!!

    The new Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel has 15 ppm sulfur compared to the 500 ppm LSD we were using in the past. The pumps changed over October 2006, but some stations are still selling the 500 ppm stuff (until it's used up) and the pumps should be marked accordingly. Bottom line - when they removed...
  6. White Buffalo

    Potential Engine repair/replacement avoided!!

    After giving the B20 a chance to get into the engine, did you notice the difference in how the engine sounded?:thumbs
  7. White Buffalo

    Potential Engine repair/replacement avoided!!

    I have been running B20 along with Schaeffer's Diesel Treat. 1 gallon treats 2000 gallons of diesel. I can really notice the difference in the noise level when I do not fill up with Biodiesel. Plus I like the fact of helping the American Farmer as much as possible. Anyhow, here is the...
  8. White Buffalo

    Air filter gauge thingy

    With the description you posted it sounds like your filterminder might be busted. I change my air filter about every 20K miles, but it is entirely dependent on the dust & driving conditions you experience.
  9. White Buffalo

    Trans temp question.

    I ussually see 70-80 degree above outside air temp (OAT) with no load, around town or city driving it can get a bit more since the torque converter is not locked and generating more heat. Towining my 5'er (10,000 lbs) is another issue - since I put the bigger tranny cooler on I see about...
  10. White Buffalo

    BTS tranny?

    If you happen to pass through Oklahoma City on your travels send me A PM. We've got plenty of room.
  11. White Buffalo

    BTS tranny?

    Give them a call, he will schedule you in, install the tranny (with a new TQ) & take you with him on a test drive to make sure everything is just right before you leave. You will have a blast driving home. Besides, you won't want to pay the Canadian tax - it will probably cost as much as the...
  12. White Buffalo


    You can find the HX crossover line at ITP Diesel's web site: also offers one. It balances the oil pressure between the two rails...
  13. White Buffalo


    Schaeffer's synthetic 5W-40 or synthetic 15W-40, Chevron Delo 400 & Rotella synthetic 5W-40 all do a great job in the 7.3L. and will keep the romp romp at bay.
  14. White Buffalo

    Exhaust noise?

    Not sure about the noise, but it sounds normal to me with a 4" exhaust. I would definitley reconsider your air intake system or at least get an oil analysis done from a place like ($20). The silicone reading will show how well your Air Intake System is filtering. The...
  15. White Buffalo

    Trans Temp 170+

    Since the OAT was 90 you seem to be right on target. When travelling at 70 mph I ussually see tranny temps about 70 degrees above OAT, but when I run 80-90 the additional power innevitably causes more heat so I see OAT + 90 or 100 degrees.
  16. White Buffalo

    Trans Temp 170+

    I recommend what BTS uses. Schaeffer's synthetic Trans fluid. ( As far as the tranny temps are concerned. What was the outside air temp when you noticed the temp spike? Did you notice the the temp rising while the truck was idling? The portion of the radiator that...
  17. White Buffalo

    Road Trip Questions

    Thanks man....:cowboy:
  18. White Buffalo

    Road Trip Questions

    How do you tell if your differential is limited slip or not?
  19. White Buffalo

    Road Trip Questions

    The WW or ATS housing is a definitely a good idea. Many people experience turbo surge while towing after adding a chip/programmer. The WW cures it 90% of the time and the ATS housing cures it for good. I have the WW and it worked for me - haven't had any surge problems. Plus you'll like how...
  20. White Buffalo

    Road Trip Questions

    Here's Schaeffer's home page - there is a dealer locator tab on the top menu bar. If there is not one close to you send me a PM and I can help you out.
  21. White Buffalo

    dtc code problem '02 powerstroke

    Bio-diesel will not harm or be related to any of the issues you listed. The 1211 code will continue to pop up when you romp on it but the light will go off in 5-10 minutes or after you clear the code. Happens to everyone after installing a chip/programmer with stock injectors & high pressure...
  22. White Buffalo

    Road Trip Questions

    The trans guage - definitely good, easy to instally. 4" exhaust - will drop EGT's a bit, will definitely help while pulling the 5'er Oil - Chevron Delo 400 (dino) or Schaeffer's synthetic have shown the best reults on an oil analysis from a place like K & N...
  23. White Buffalo

    7.3 tune

    For the intake, I have the AIS with the fender sleeve & zoodad mod. Works great. You can't go wrong with the AIS of AFE stage II.
  24. White Buffalo

    Tranny or electrical?

    When you had the tranny rebuilt did they install a new torque converter? Did you notice if the OD light was flashing after the torque converter failed to unlock? Sounds like your torque converter and/or input shaft. Won't know for sure untill they open her up though.
  25. White Buffalo

    Turbo Question?

    I hear ya. I don't have $1600 laying around either right now. The WW & housing is a great upgrade, you'll like the way she sounds. As far as the wastegate is concerned, here is the purpose of the waste gate in the turbo: The wastegate allows the exhaust to bypass the turbine blades. The...

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