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  1. Blue01F250

    July 25-27 - Mudstock - Who's going? (Sparks, Okla)

    Looks like I will be there with the truck and my lil bro and his girl will be there with a jeep and ATV and we'll be tentin it, both on Friday - hopefully early to get some riding in while its cooler.... Who all else might be there/go/show up? Who's thinking bout it? Here's the info KC...
  2. Blue01F250

    Summer Meet! - Eufaula Lake, OK - June 27th thru ??

    Well, today is the day that the family and I head to the Lake!!! Can't wait to get away from everything and just have some fun! We likely won't have our computer with us, but I can still check emails on my cell -- shoot me a PM if ya are gonna/wanna come out! Hope to see some of you all there!
  3. Blue01F250

    Summer Meet! - Eufaula Lake, OK - June 27th thru ??

    Alright everyone - we are just a few days away from having some fun! Just a bump up to see if any more are interested!! Shoot me a pm for directions / phone #! Hope to see some of you out there! Come out for some grilling, ATV riding, wrenching, drinking, and just general fun!
  4. Blue01F250

    Summer Meet! - Eufaula Lake, OK - June 27th thru ??

    ha, I hear ya.. and I hear the Lake Eufaula in Alabama is NICE! ;) I definately understand about the fuel prices - thats for dang sure! I think thats why there's been little interest so far.. only 3 or 4 people have said they will be by on Saturday or so... but for the others.. here ya go...
  5. Blue01F250

    Summer Meet! - Eufaula Lake, OK - June 27th thru ??

    Back on up for people to see!
  6. Blue01F250

    Summer Meet! - Eufaula Lake, OK - June 27th thru ??

    Allright everyone! this is getting closer and closer! Just under 2 weeks away! Seems most people are only going to be able to show up for a day or so (Saturday) and I don't think anyone reserved a spot, although there may be some open still! The family and I will be there all weekend...
  7. Blue01F250

    Day 8

    if you guys make it tok OKC tomorrow - they are havnig a meet/dyno day down there :)
  8. Blue01F250

    Summer Meet! - Eufaula Lake, OK - June 27th thru ??

    **UPDATE** alll right - went to Belle Star and toured the campgrounds -- the lakeside ones are still about halfway underwater, but they've started letting out at the dam a nd you can see how far its dropped already - hopefully there will be no more flooding! Anyway -- I am looking to take...
  9. Blue01F250

    Leak on top of engine

    That isn't an hpx -- the hpx is here on the other side of the cooler piping.. That hose he is referring to is an oem part, as it is the same on my truck :)
  10. Blue01F250

    Look what I had done....

    Hopefully it does -- that would suck if it didn't! Looks pretty cool either way!
  11. Blue01F250

    F250 down!

    Hey bud! If there is anything I can do to help, just lemme know - I'm in Ponca City, OK - not even an hour away!
  12. Blue01F250

    Leak on top of engine

    Can't really tell from that pic if thats the problem -- but if it isn't -- it could also be your turbo pedistal o-rings or hpop o-rings leaking..both of which will leave shiny black stuff in the valley..
  13. Blue01F250

    Look what I had done....

    nice! At first you're like -- "theres something different about that truck" then you look closer and boom - "ahhh, I seee" :) Looks good and defiantely curious if it fades much or stands up to abuse.. I thought line-ex was supposed to resist staining, etc, from chemicals?
  14. Blue01F250

    Hey from the Hotline!

    Welcome to SDD!! Glad to have ya here!
  15. Blue01F250

    Summer Meet! - Eufaula Lake, OK - June 27th thru ??

    bump - ahve some people showing interest from here and several sites -- working to secure approx 10 RV sites.. let me know if you're thinking about it or planning on it so we know if we need more, as they are already filling up!
  16. Blue01F250

    My package went off the rails!

    haha, wow - never seen that on a tracking page! sucks for the train!
  17. Blue01F250

    Winter blend-good riddance

    haven't been able to tell a difference yet -- but anxiously awaiting it!
  18. Blue01F250

    The '08 F450 takes up a lot of room

    man that is a nice truck!
  19. Blue01F250

    Stupidest thing I've seen in the last month!!!!!!

    hrmm, wold look much better w/o the branding on it - decent looking trailers otherwise
  20. Blue01F250

    hit the dyno this weekend.. confused..

    well, 215 at the flywheel means about 172 to the wheels -- so thats where you ahve to start from.. plus, i've found that its hard to get consistant dyno numbers for diesels -- I've seen one truck on two different dyno's read 270 and 340...
  21. Blue01F250

    Summer Meet! - Eufaula Lake, OK - June 27th thru ??

    This is at Eufaula Lake, Oklahoma, on the North side (closer to I-40, only about 10 minutes south) and likely at Belle Starr Marina campgrounds. There are ATV trails below the dam - great fishing - and good fun! Lemme know if anyone is interested and we can get a count on how many sites to...
  22. Blue01F250

    Summer Meet! - Eufaula Lake, OK - June 27th thru ??

    Alllrighty everyone! I wanted to try to put together a get together in June/July -- My parents have a place in Eufaula, so we can stage there, but planned on reserving a group camp site near their place (or a group of sites). I will be off that week (have to work July 4th ) so can't do it that...
  23. Blue01F250

    Boom ... One less 4R100 in the World

    wow man, that sucks! Seems when it rains it pours... I went thru a stretch where I totaled my maxima (92 model) after hitting a deer comming home from work ( was an hour drive one way) at midnight in the middle of November, then wrecked my work vehicle in the middle of a blizzard (we do'nt get...
  24. Blue01F250

    Boom ... One less 4R100 in the World

    sounds like the front pump seal was leaking... happened to mine - got that fixed in November, then a couple weeks ago, she went bye bye... turns out I have an early build 2001 (aug 2000 thru march 2001) with the mechanical diode tranny that just happened to last longer than expected and was...
  25. Blue01F250

    More Hard Times A Comin'

    Bud, I for one know how things seem to get worse, before they get better. Our family is in the same situation, but we just gotta keep plugging away! If there is anything we can do, just let us know!

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