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  1. keanoknick

    Vote for me!!!

    Hey all, Please help me out and cast your vote for my truck in this contest I entered to try and win some BMF wheels. Easypromos Premium on Facebook | Facebook Thanks for your vote and support, I greatly appreciate it. Knick
  2. keanoknick


    SCT with custom tunes ftw
  3. keanoknick

    wondering where to go from here

    First and foremost get some guages to keep an eye on things, then get an SCT with custom tunes, an EGR delete, and buy some headstuds, because it's not a matter of if, but when the Headgaskets will blow. Depending on which tunes you get, that setup can net you up to 420 RWHP, and be a very...
  4. keanoknick

    Stock 6 Disc Stereo to RCA jacks?

    You need a line out converter (aka speaker level input adapter) you will splice this into your rear speakers, and it will convert them to RCA outputs, then use an RCA cable to hook the converter to the input on your amp. A good line out converter will require 12v+ and a ground, but will also...
  5. keanoknick

    Retractable Air Hose Reel Installation

    Nice setup Bama, I likes it alot!
  6. keanoknick

    Question Banks Six-Gun with speedloader

    I ran the Banks 6gun w/PDA for over 2 years, almost always on level 7 (speed Loader) It was ok, but I still managed to blow my headgaskets with it. Also it only dynoed 357 hp at the wheels. I finally got rid of that thing, and got an SCT with custom tunes from Tony Wildman, and let me tell...
  7. keanoknick

    best gauges

    I highly recommend IssPro, it's what I run, they are top notch guages, and their customer service is unsurpassed.
  8. keanoknick

    Newbie New member looking for input

    :w4 I have the Banks Products, and all of there stuff is good. I will be replacing the 6-gun with an SCT soon. Everything else will stay though. Being that you have a 7.3 I would recommend Tony Wildman of for a chip. He is one of the best tuners there is...
  9. keanoknick

    Suggestions for programmers

    albran, what year is your truck? I would think with a good tow tune, custom written for your truck on a SCT, that you should be fine. But as you'll find, there are alot of trucks that blew the headgaskets stock, with no mods whatsoever.
  10. keanoknick

    Question What's a good year for the PowerStroke?

    I'm a little partial to the CrewCab Shortbed, but a longbed would be nice too. If you can deal with the decreased turning radius, the crewcab is the way to go, especially if you have or are planning on having kids. Carseats don't do to well in the ext. cab trucks, it's tight quarters for...
  11. keanoknick

    Help Needed AC compressor help (Not a superduty)

    the car has under 80k miles on it, and the compressor seems to be in good shape, the AC blows ice cold. I can get a clutch for under $70, a new compressor and drier, and system evac/ charge will run close to $400, which quite frankly I'm not prepared to put into this car right now. It's...
  12. keanoknick

    Help Needed AC compressor help (Not a superduty)

    On my 2001 Ford Taurus, the clutch on the AC compressor has gone out, and possibly the bearings. I've been told that I can just put a new clutch or clutch assembly on it, without having to evacuate the system. (which I have no idea how to do, and I really don't want to pay to have it done...
  13. keanoknick


    Nothing a sawzall won't fix :D

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