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    Good bye Titan Hello F250

    Congrats on the New Truck and Enjoy! :sweet
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    low sulfer/ultra low sulfer fuel

    I would recommend using a Fuel Additive for the Lubrication. I use Power Service myself and have not had an issue, there are others as well. I add 16oz to a Tank Full of Fuel.
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    New Guy from Louisiana

    Congrats and Welcome to the Site, I recently joined and I am from the New Orleans Westbank area.
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    Joke of the day

    "I'm not a Gynecologist but I'll take a look" :sly
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    7.3L vs gas motors

    I would stay with a Diesel Myself, I went back to a 1/2 Ton Gas Truck and it did not take me long to realize that I miss having a Diesel. If you are looking for a Fuel Sipper, Check out the VW Jetta TDI Diesel, They claim 43 MPG with the New Ones and they are getting good reviews.
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    Other Toys

    Thanks, Harley has been making their own Trikes since 2009, I Love it. That is the F150 I had before Trading back to a Diesel.
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    Other Toys

    What other toys do you Guys have and enjoy besides your Truck? Here is a Pic of the latest toy, 2011 HD Ultra Tri Glide, just got it in November. Me and My Sweetie enjoy Riding, Travelling, She has Her Own Leather Business we are working at growing the Business and making some Bike Rallies.
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    My rant: Ford vs GM

    I was a Die Hard Chevy Guy and still like the Old Muscle Cars, I do not like the New Stuff except for the Trucks and Corvettes. I did have a 07 Duramax and had no issues with it but did not like the Cloth on the Interior, was a Pain to keep clean, I also had a Dodge/Cummins Diesel and that was a...
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    Some sweet '08 pics (Official 2008 Super Duty Picture Thread)

    Here is My 08 F450, I had her a week now and Love it! :D
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    Fuel Filters

    I am looking to get me some Fuel Filters for My 08 F450 6.4 Diesel, Where are you Guys getting your Filters from? Any good prices on them?
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    Any clubs in the New Orleans Area?

    I am interested also, I am from the Westbank of New Orleans.
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    New Guy

    My Fiancee in looking for a 40' Enclosed Trailer for Her Leather Business with Sleeping Quarters and we want to Travel also so that is the reason for getting the Truck, Besides I needed a Good Excuse to get back in a Diesel! :D
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    New Guy

    Hi Guys, I signed up here a few weeks back and have not been on here since, I just picked up a 08 F450 Crewcab Lariat with 16150 miles and a one owner with a clean history with it, I Love this Truck, My first Ford Diesel. I am enclosing a Pic of Her, "BIG RED"
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    Fuel mileage

    From what I read on the F450 Models, The Engine is Derated to 300HP AND 600 Torque, It may be because of the Towing Capability and Gearing. I know they come with 4:30 Rear Gears.
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    New Guy Here

    Hello all, I just signed up here from New Orleans, I am looking at a 2008 F450 Crewcab Dually and should know soon if the deal goes through, The Truck is like new with low miles on it. It will be my first Ford Diesel, I have had a Duramax and Cummins so I am familiar with them, I look forward to...

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