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    radar dectors??? what to get

    V1 for sure, gets laser and radar. it falses a lot but you get used to it and can turn off certain bands depending where you live and what they shoot
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    Some sweet '08 pics (Official 2008 Super Duty Picture Thread)

    love those duallies they look good Southern comfort is out of business i did like their conversions though
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    6.4L vs new 6.7L MPG??

    check out this video they say that the mpg will improve by double digits YouTube - 2011 Ford Super Duty F-450 King Ranch Pickup
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    2008 F350 hits 112,000 miles

    keep up the good maintenance habits it is essential for keeping the 6.4 happy
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    fuel mileage

    i got 14-15 highway at 75 in a 350 dually w/ 3.73 towing a 35 ft gooseneck at 75 will get u 7-9 slow down and u can get 10
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    best wax???

    meguire's gold class without a doubt...i only drive black cars and i am a neat freak and its the only wax i use. it comes off easier if your applicator pad is wet and the car isnt totally dry, but not with puddles of water either
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    offroading in RI and sebago lake region in ME

    hey guys where should i go for LEGAL off roading dirt bikes or trucks in the RI area (willing to drive an hour or so) or the sebago lake region in maine. thanks!
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    New 2011 Super Duty Diesel...............

    the ford logo on the grill is the biggest in fords history...i cant wait to take one for a spin heres a link to a quick vid from they go over the options and new features in the 2011 YouTube - 2011 Ford Super Duty F-450 King Ranch Pickup

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