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  1. silverF250

    Where to buy battery cables?

    Use a washer behind the nut and problem solved a lot cheaper too
  2. silverF250

    Where to buy battery cables?

    Checked looks like a pretty good discount about $50. My price is around $230 + shipping
  3. silverF250

    Where to buy battery cables?

    I'll check on what I can get them for
  4. silverF250

    Where to buy battery cables?

    If anyone still needs them I have cables off a truck. I can get Ford parts fairly cheap through the dealer because our club SLAPS has a deal with them. Can ship direct to your door.
  5. silverF250

    some problems

    IPR it tends to be an issue when these trucks sit for an extended amount
  6. silverF250

    Sick of Kyle Busch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where is Jimmy Spencer when you need him. He popped Kurt in the nose and it straightened him out.
  7. silverF250


    Could be any number of things that's wrong with it and you'll never get an exact fix without posting the symptoms. For example the 1211 code can be related to the ICP IPR IDM. All of the codes could be related to just one part. I would start by pulling the plug out of the ICP and seeing if...
  8. silverF250

    2001 7.3 Down - HPOP?

    Pull the IPR tear it down clean it out and then change your oil. That should get it to start for you.
  9. silverF250

    Question diesel in radiator

    To DIY the injector cups you need to know someone with the tool to do it or know someone who will rent you the tool. The tool is very expensive to buy for one time use. If you do plan on doing it you better figure on getting new o-rings for the injectors some will undoubtedly be bad. I don't...
  10. silverF250

    van conversion

    I ended up using one out of an f250 and had to shorten it an 1"
  11. silverF250

    van conversion

    I am building a 4x4 van and need a rear drive shaft that fits a excursion. It measures 53" long can any body help?
  12. silverF250

    TS performance

    Sounds like a plan.
  13. silverF250

    TS performance

    Why in the world would you get rid of the TS chip every other custom tuner burns on to those chips. He can spend $150-200 more and get all of the line pressure he wants and get custom tunes. Just so there is no mistaking the TS does increase line pressure. Mine would shift so hard it tried...
  14. silverF250

    Boost fooler

    yes it's normal. If you don't plan on getting custom tunes then yes i'd get a boost fooler. Don't need to clear any codes it's a soft code.
  15. silverF250

    oil consumption

    Is it always white smoke? At 240k your about do for new injectors. White smoke on cold starts is normal and so is the rough idle, but if it's always smoking it looks to be injectors.
  16. silverF250

    Counting steering box splines

    I've got a factory gear box for sale I'll make you a deal on if you need it.
  17. silverF250

    how much HP

    If I remember correctly they are getting near 570 with DPF @ Cat delete and a programmer. It maybe even higher I'm not sure. I know they are hitting upwards of 700 on spray. There currently are some trucks that are getting upgraded fuel systems and turbos and they are expecting to hit 700+ on...
  18. silverF250

    When it is raining....truck shuts off

    If the cps or IDM don't fix the issue I'd look into the GEM module as being the problem.
  19. silverF250

    Merry christmas everyone..

    Merry Christmas
  20. silverF250

    Question Need help choosing new differential

    My brother isn't hard on the throttle either he thinks he's babying it, but he's not. His rpm for example never gets over a 1000 in his yard but he still spins like crazy. Feathering the throttle is the only true answer for your problem. My brother does that to but it's the timing in which...
  21. silverF250

    best christmas present ever!!

    Congrats Chris that's a nice Christmas present.
  22. silverF250

    Boost fooler

    the cheapest boost fooler out there is this 4.7 diode since it's the cheapest and easiest to me it's the best. The 38R is a good turbo they flow enough air for 450+ and one guy with slightly ported heads is getting 520 out of his.
  23. silverF250

    Question Need help choosing new differential

    The best all around setup is the limited slip. That coupled with a driving style that suits the situation will cure your problem. I know no one wants to hear their driving is to blame but it is. Just hear me out on this. My brothers got a hill in his backyard that he can never make it up...
  24. silverF250

    where to buy rear F350 blocks and leveling kit for 03 F250

    I might I'll hopefully know in a couple days.
  25. silverF250

    where to buy rear F350 blocks and leveling kit for 03 F250

    Chris save them for you next visit back home.:D

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