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  1. JimmyDee

    '02 fuel pump pumping air bubbles

    Yes to this post. This will solve so many problems and you will be happy with the results. The biggest result is how much quieter the engine is after the Hutch Mod.
  2. JimmyDee

    Replacing stolen truck

    I know it is probably a little late to post this but I had a 2001 Crew Cab with 57,000 miles on it. Very clean and loaded with many extras. Dealer purchased it from me for $16,000 and sold it for ??? There are some low mileage trucks out there but they are few and they are commanding a big...
  3. JimmyDee

    Boost fooler

    Yes and it will read correctly, not what the computer is seeing.
  4. JimmyDee

    wrapping up pipes and turbo

    The best thing you can do for faster turbo spooling is a straight through muffler and a 4" exhaust pipe. Lowers exhaust temps as well.
  5. JimmyDee

    oil pan housing

    Back a few years ago, it was an $1800 to $2000 job. I did an application of POR 15 on mine and my 2001 pan still is in tact and looking good. This topic was talked about at length at that time. There were a few innovative fixes that came down the line but most found that pulling the engine and...
  6. JimmyDee

    5w-40 is the best!!

    I have used 5-40 for years and I know it makes a huge difference in the cold starts. Jim
  7. JimmyDee

    Block heater questions

    The block heater is not 1500 watts, it is 1000 watts but the inverter trick will not work. At 1000 watts the inverter will draw 83 amps plus what ever inefficiency the inverter has which would probably bring the amp draw to over 90 amps. Batteries would last a very short time. Jim
  8. JimmyDee

    Help Needed Problem with front locking hubs

    I did this also. Seems like once the automatics go bad, one will have trouble with them forever. I purchased the MileMarker lockers and like them better than the Warns. Made in the USA also. Jim
  9. JimmyDee

    gostaria de obeter informações tecnicas do motor 7.3l

    Here it is in English. I'm having a little trouble putting the motor to work, diesel power, point fuel injection pump and electric parts.
  10. JimmyDee

    Update New Forum Color!

    I hated it. Hard on the eyes. Thankyou for fixing it. Jim
  11. JimmyDee

    Cruise control

    I have seen the time that the problem you are having is taken care of by just cleaning the metal gunk off from the VSS. Might save you a few bucks. Jim
  12. JimmyDee

    K&N Filter

    This is probably from not getting enough air. It will run rich with little air and too much air will run lean. Jim
  13. JimmyDee

    Ball joint replacement question

    I had mine done last summer for about $720 for both sides at a local front end shop. They used Moog parts. I did my own anti sway or roll bars for $140. About 45 min. Moogs as well. Jim
  14. JimmyDee

    GPR Bypass switch

    The glow plugs draw a great deal of current and a by-pass switch would have to be huge to handle the current. That is why there is a relay there. Jim
  15. JimmyDee

    Merry christmas everyone !!

    Not but about an inch which is just about gone and very little wind. We are blessed. Jim
  16. JimmyDee

    Merry christmas everyone !!

    Merry Christmas to everyone from Western Michigan. (with no snow) Jim
  17. JimmyDee

    Diesel Site 203* Thermostat

    I have been running the 203 stat for several years. Sure turns the cab heater into the best heater out there. I do wish I would have purchased the higher priced aluminum housing. Mine is looking a bit not so good. Jim
  18. JimmyDee

    Question Anybody heard from crummy

    One problem with forums is that if someone gets sick or dies, and no one knows he is on a forum, that information will not get passed on to other forum members. I have tried to think of a way to correct this problem but can't think of a way to solve it. Jim
  19. JimmyDee

    Fuel price jump

    Crude oil is actually down 4% from a month ago. I would say the price reflects greed. Jim
  20. JimmyDee

    Fuel gauge malfunction

    You should have a cable, could be an uninsulated cable, from the engine to the body of the truck somewhere. It really screws things up if it is loose or damaged. Jim
  21. JimmyDee

    I hope you can sto this guy

    We are using, forum software that is free. Jerks like the one that is posting his free advertising spam here would be nailed with what is called a "Kill Member" command and he would be gone, blocked and all his posts gone with one click. I would think this high priced...
  22. JimmyDee

    I hope you can sto this guy

    X4. Really annoying. Jim
  23. JimmyDee

    2001 E-350 Very sluggish until warm

    I would check out the exhaust back pressure valve. I have mine disconnect just because of the total loss of power when cold. Mine almost caused me to get hit several times about a block from my house because of lack of power. It was really a problem in the winter time but it also caused a...
  24. JimmyDee

    New gauges installed how are my readings?

    I think your numbers are about average. I have seen 28 lbs of boost at WOT but I think that is about tops without tricking the sensor. 50 mph and 600 degrees is a little higher than mine but that is great. At WOT, the engine will make all kinds of noise and the noise you hear may be your waist...

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