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  1. strokin'_tatsch

    What do you think?

    I would see if you can get it a bit cheaper actually. I got mine for $4k with 249k on it 4 years ago. Now it has 330k miles and still runs like a champ and still hits the drag strip here and there.
  2. strokin'_tatsch

    Future plans. Injectors???

    Swamps, Casserly, Jim Rose(diy-injectors), and Nate @ unlimited all build some very good injectors. i have had 2 sets from Jim. i upgraded to stage 1's the first time(160cc w/ stock nozzles) and i liked them a lot. were good for 352hp/731tq w/ the stock turbo. then i upgraded from those to...
  3. strokin'_tatsch

    Future plans. Injectors???

    talk to Jim @ i have run 2 sets of injectors and loved both of them. both sets we bought the kit and built ourselves to save on money, but he does build and ship injectors as well. Jim is AWESOME!!! :hail everything looks good on your list, but i'm not sure i'd pay the $$$...
  4. strokin'_tatsch

    inline pump???when did this happen?

    when i priced a p-pump swap for mine it was going to cost me around $11k for everything IIRC. the pumps most are using are an inline 8 cylinder pump off one of the big IH engines. injectors are usually from an 8.1?? cummins and they use adapters in the injector ports to make them work. problem...
  5. strokin'_tatsch

    Help Needed Is it my TW chip?

    glad to hear you got your fixed up!!! i got mine fixed as well but not as cheap as you did. mine actually turned out to be injectors. mine was bleeding off HPO from the poppets in the injectors. haha
  6. strokin'_tatsch

    well im going back to stock 97 splits again

    yes the o-rings can be reused. i actually have dyno proof that bigger injectors on the stock turbo don't do you any good, but they actually hurt you more. i did 352hp and 731tq on the dyno early this year. my buddy's OBS on the same day and same dyno with hybrids and stock turbo and basically...
  7. strokin'_tatsch

    getting the truck repainted. need some ideas

    hey guys. i'm about to get the truck repainted. it has needed a new outter bed skin and both front fenders for awhile. paint isn't horrible on the truck but i figure paint this old will be very hard to match the colors up so all paint and body work is on the list. The truck is Oxford White...
  8. strokin'_tatsch

    well im going back to stock 97 splits again

    bigger will do you no good with the stock turbo. your going to blow that turbo to bits if you go bigger
  9. strokin'_tatsch

    Post Pics of your OBS here

    figured i would post some updated pics!!! here are some recent pics of the truck
  10. strokin'_tatsch

    pics please

    my 4" 45* elbow is pure stainless. i can't say where it came from b/c i don't know where it came from b/c i got it from a buddy of mine. i of course painted it now. here are 2 pics. i gotta get some more constant torque clamps for the intake.. haha.
  11. strokin'_tatsch

    question about my new 97

    yep, that truck is a GREAT LOOKING TRUCK!!!!!!!!! i love that color. i wish mine was that color... you just made me jealous b/c your truck is blue... BUT it needs different wheels.... hahaha.
  12. strokin'_tatsch

    is it my imagination

    2 years ago at our annual dyno even we did a test on synthetic vs. conventional oil on the dyno. ran once with clean Delo. stopped, changed the oil to royal purple synthetic. dyno'd again. picked up 13hp just off changing the oil to synthetic. if i knew my engine wouldn't just leak synthetic out...
  13. strokin'_tatsch

    oil pan replacement questions

    i have seen them done in the truck many times. it is possible and don't take 9 hours either. takes a few hours and nothing goes back in weak either. start out by cutting the crossmember enough to be able to get the pan out(NO THE ENGINE WILL NOT MOVE!!!!). do all your work on the pan then when...
  14. strokin'_tatsch

    Tired of Stock Turbo failures

    being as the d66 has the stock center section in it i don't believe this turbo to be much more reliable than stock. the h2e setup can be had with or without the intercooler setup. they make pipes for the cooler or a bypass for non intercooled setups. i would go the h2e route. you can get the kit...
  15. strokin'_tatsch

    Goal: Insane dyno number

    after speaking with some people i have some more info for you. the stock forged rods can handle around 600hp with some really really good tuning. the block can do around 700hp in stock configuration and can go more with a girdle, but for your 1,000hp goal you will need to do crower rods, mahle...
  16. strokin'_tatsch

    My Parallel Turbo 7.3L

    now that is a good weight!! haha.
  17. strokin'_tatsch

    changed hvop and now have haveno oil pressue

    you sure that you got the gear on the HPOP seated correctly??? if so i would venture to say that your HPOP that you got isn't in good shape.. if it ran fine before you changed it, but just had an oil leak then my guess is the HPOP.
  18. strokin'_tatsch

    group buy for zf5 short throw shift kit!!!

    Ok guys here is the thread for you to post in if you want to get a short throw shift kit for your zf-5. these kits shorten the throws quite a bit from what i'm told for faster, smoother shifts. from what i understand the normal price on these are around $215, BUT i'm talking to clay at Riff Raff...
  19. strokin'_tatsch

    Thank you Mr. red OBS!!!!!!

    dang OBS's and their fuel leaks..... i can't say anything cuz i have driven around with fuel leaks before i had the CPR fuel system, but i wouldn't have done that.. .
  20. strokin'_tatsch

    Help Needed bringin the stroke out of hibernation,but gotta fix it first????

    still leaking boost or exhaust.. your uppipes leaking???? those manifolds leaking???? maybe take out the ic pipes and put in your stock y and see if it makes a big difference if you still have your stocker.. if you don't i do if you want to try that
  21. strokin'_tatsch

    Help Needed bringin the stroke out of hibernation,but gotta fix it first????

    good to see ya back and sorry to hear your having so many problems, but we will see if we can't help ya find your problems. did you change your ICP??? sounded like at first b4 the new starter you were having an ICP problem. if you don't have any boost leaks after the charger look at your up...
  22. strokin'_tatsch

    Goal: Insane dyno number

    i have been looking strongly into a mechanical injection swap and boyyyy does it cost some money!!!! wipe out enterprises makes adapters for 8.3? cummins injectors, new billet front cover, etc to make it work. just the inj adapters is a couple thousand... haha. but there is another big stroke...
  23. strokin'_tatsch

    Question Is the 6.0 I/C a Direct Bolt In?

    i hear the 6.0 I/C will blow the end tanks around 40-45psi. thats just what i'm told by the owner of a performance diesel shop near me..
  24. strokin'_tatsch

    test turbo boost

    buy a $50 boost guage, "T" it into the map line and see what your boost is under load when accelerating. that will tell you what your wanting to know. mechanics can't just hook up a computer and tell you that kind of thing.

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