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    Bigger injectors ?

    400 is all? i guess the dyno and track lied to me:eek::D id go hybrids with small nozzles. when ya get more supporting mods go bigger nozzles and you have enough fuel for 500+ on a stock hpop.
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    List your Top 5 Best Upgrade/Mods.

    I'll resurrect this one. Ive got way too many mods to try and pick the top 5 so i'll group things together :D. 1. Twin turbos. Man what an improvement over running a big single. bye bye surge, no more laggy slow spooling pig turbo and egt's are freakin awesome. 2. built engine. 3. built...
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    higher egt's with new wastegate

    try tightening up the wastegate rod. it sounds like its hanging open.
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    looking into a project engine guys.. this WILL be FUN!!!

    Dropping compression just helps keep the cylinder pressure lower when you start running alot of fuel.
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    looking into a project engine guys.. this WILL be FUN!!!

    you'll be fine with the cpr system. even if it drops a few psi at wot you'll be ok, hell mine drops to 20 psi and still made over 600 lol. Try the stock h2e turbo with stock headgaskets and good h-11 headstuds, if the stock h2 doesnt get you where you want have it modded. Id also recommend...
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    best mileage from a powerstroke

    i avg 17-18 on the hwy and my best ever is slightly over 22 with my 96 cc 4x4. mods are 3.55 gears, TW chip, intercooler, elec fuel system, intake and exhaust.
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    Post Pics of your OBS here

    I never got to spray with it with the big turbo either:eek:
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    Post Pics of your OBS here

    lil nitrous assisted launch.
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    Newbie looking for 400HP

    STage 1's will generally put you 325-350 range with an intercooler. You'll be fine with stage 1's, the only weak link will be your auto trans. With 420rwhp it would hang with alot of stuff on the street and ran low 14's high 13's on fuel only.
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    Newbie looking for 400HP

    I dynoed between 420-430 rwhp with the mods listed below. bdp fuel system 6oh intercooler bdp stage 2's Wildman chip gauges intake exhaust
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    Our project truck

    If im not mistaken the AMJ guys own a machine shop, that is why they didnt go buy the part:D:sweet .
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    Dynoed Today!

    those numbers arent too shabby at all for stage 1's!
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    Our project truck

    Bears... the cummins is the better engine and the ford is the better body/ chassis so why not mix and match to get the best truck PERIOD.
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    manual or auto for towing

    Ive towed aloooot with an auto and will not own any other. yes they are more expensive to fix, but they are so much nicer to drive thna a manual. Our 2 tow trucks have minimal tranny mods (pump mods, valve body, non billet upgraded triple disk and stock clutches) and never over heat with a 6oh...
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    ford/buick shootout

    Its that time of year again! October 27th Noble, OK.... There will be several of us from KS, a large group from Dallas area and also a group from St louis. Even if you dont want to race, come on out its a good time. Check out for details. We are planning camping out...
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    Our project truck

    are you planning on twins or a big single?
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    Our project truck

    Im just curious, why not go with the common rail instead of the 24v vp44?
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    Up-pipe donut replacement Early 99??

    I'll have to look at my engine in the morning, but i think you'll have to pull the up pipes clear out. I have the e99 engine sitting on the floor at the shop, so it will be easy to see what needs done.
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    7.3 Horsepower numbers (modified truck)

    yep. I drove dads superduty quite a bit while my 96 was down and fell in love w/ it so i bought my own. I still like the looks of the obs trucks, but the ride and quiteness of the superduties are soo nice. I put alot of miles on my truck in a year so ride and comfortability is very important.
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    Up-pipe donut replacement Early 99??

    I just bought the chevy gaskets today. I can get the number inthe morning for ya. I would also suggest puting the donuts in and starting the bolts before you put the up pipes in. I like to lube the pipes up on both the top and bottom with grease just to help things align a little better with...
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    7.3 Horsepower numbers (modified truck)

    its got the engine out of the 96, built trans,fuel system, etc... Almost all of the mods got pulled off of the 96.
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    ford/ buick shootout

    i dont htink so. I think we just went to a test n tune that day. ford/buick is an all day deal, we were there pretty early
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    Roll Call

    rick96f250 is from bellevue
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    pushin the limit on psd

    hey rick, i need some more of those bucket heaters... I'll give ya a call tomorrow.
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    pushin the limit on psd

    with my 96 cc 4x4 i crossed the dot scales at 28500.... yeah they were not happy:roflmao

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