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    FOKISD March Spring Gathering

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ford Ohio Kentucky Indiana Super Duty club Spring Gathering March 14th All welcome dinner and greetings A chance to meet new and old friends FOKISD Event 2008
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    4th Turbo Replacement

    That was the original problems with the 6.0L. They were built and sat on lots untill sold. That is where the term LOT ROTT came from. Two things that will cause problems with the turbo. 1. Not driving (letting it set for a week or more) 2. Getting it hot and lots of black smoke from...
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    What is needed to service a 6.0 ?

    I hope you mean you got 15 quarts or was that 5 gallon?
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    Help Needed Ok I'm crying uncle on this one, need help.

    Fuel pressure will normally pulse like that due to being a diafram pump. It is not like running an electric where the pressure is constant. Will have to read back through your problem again and give it more thought. Ok so the truck ran fine till before the fuel canister was changed? Was it...
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    injector orings

    as long as the copper seal rings re-seat and seal , and you torque the hold downs correctly it should work for you. Make sure you lube them good going back in.
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    Question Running on 4 cylinders??

    If you have a shorted wire in the under cover connector , The IDM will shut that bank off to protect itself. So yess it will run on 4 (just one bank or the other but should also show a CEL
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    Help Needed Biodiesel blew 3 injectors

    The rough idle till warm and no power is common, my 04 does that and never had bio in it. It is due to the surface tention of the oil in the very tight tollerance spool valves on the injectors. once the oil warms up the spool valve can move freely. As to the bio, there have been a couple of...
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    Help Needed Trip computer

    is this the over head display that does the milege? There is a over head display fix webpage out there. Check up in the 99 and up forum someone should have the link.
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    Diagnostic programs for the laptop?

    Ok guys I have a laptop I use on my 1996 7.3L I can do all the tests and even a dashboard and record. What do I do for the 2004 6.0L ? The program will not connect to the PCM nor communicated with anytrhing in the 04. Any Ideas?
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    CPS questions

    For all those who rum the Activator II trailer brake control, With the trailer connected the Activator II emits a signal when the brakes are applied. This signal travels all through the wire harness and will overcome a weak CPS signal. This confuses the PCM and it will shut down. Even at idel...
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    Help Needed Ok I'm crying uncle on this one, need help.

    I have seen 7.3L run as every day drivers on 4 PSI of fuel pressure. You want at least 70 psi at the check point at idel. Too much pressue would make the injectors hard to fire and retard injection. Also make sure the hoses to the fuel canister were reconnected the right way and that...
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    well finaly figured out whats wrong with my truck.

    Clean the cup good and make sure the surface where the copper seal washer should meet with has no pits in it. Stuff it with an injector and go.
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    Replacing my F350 badges

    While you are at it , Here ya go T 444E,  VT 365,  International Domed Label, badge
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    Turbo hose again

    The problem is not the hoses or clamps or tacky glue. The problem is the IC pipe on that side is not supported and when it shakes during throttle changes it is always pulling on the turbo boot. I was blowing mine off twice a week with just normal freeway driving. I took a small bungee cord...
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    resistor mod

    Every engine responds a bit different anywhere from 10K to 18K The difference would be throttle response (little snappier when you step on it)
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    Help Needed Need help locating problems with brakes

    You need a new vacume pump. The vacume pump is what supplies 25 inches of vacume to the brake booster. A weak pump will supply enough vacume for one step on the brakes but can not keep up with the second or third step on the peddal. If the vacume gets too low the Brake light on the dash...
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    Help Needed help engine died

    Quick note. The injectors need something above 500 psi to fire, If you have a bad ICP you can unplug it and try to start the engine. Seeing no ICP signal, the PCM will use a default setting of 750psi as a pass / fail pressure for the IPR. It will throw a CEL but will start. if it does...
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    EGR Delete Kit

    Looking ate the EGR valve, if you cut the shaft under the acuator and seal the valve shut, you could leave it plugged in and the ECM would never know the difference. No exhaust into the intake and all is good there. Then block off the exhaust port on the up pipe and re-route the collant no heat...
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    EGR Delete Kit

    There was a write up in Diesel Power Magazine about the EGR cooler delete kit and step by step install. It blocks off the exhaust port at the up pipe, and blocks off the port to the EGR and has a coolant re-route tube. It is a bolt on kit but you have to remove the turbo to do it. The...
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    comment New IC hose kit from POWERCO

    I have never blown a IC hose even up the 8 mile climb to Fancy Gap. I have blown the hose off the neck of the turbo several times. I now have it double clamped.
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    New timing cover for 95? How to change?

    Yes that is a remove the engine job, Remove the engine, remove the pan, then the cover. Do not foget to get the IHC gray sealant to put it back to getther. With the pan off is a good time to put a new O-ring on the dip stick addaptor. Oh and do not over torque the bolts putting the new...
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    Question '97 PSD MPG's

    95- 97 PDS has a fuel mile sweet spot at about 2000 RPM My old 96 with tymar intake and 5" stacks with a custom Tony Wildman burn for HP gets on average 17 to 18 MPG except winter fuel
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    Question Mileage Question

    I average 17.7 with the 1996 at 2000 PRM (60mph) truck is 6,280 pounds empty 18.3 with the 2004 at 21oo rpm (62 mph) truck is 8,390 pounds empty

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