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  1. KY-LX

    Recommendations on shops in Central KY

    Hendrix diesel in scottsville ky
  2. KY-LX

    The Perfect Gift for your Girl

    pm me also
  3. KY-LX

    air induction ?

    thanks for the info
  4. KY-LX

    air induction ?

    what will happen if you mount a turbo air filter straight to the turbo like i seen done on gas engine cars
  5. KY-LX

    What was your very FIRST car?

    76 F100 black with a built 400M loved that truck
  6. KY-LX

    Xmas lights on my PSD

    looks good
  7. KY-LX

    Cab Sqeak in right rear

    you u figure it out lat me know mine does the same thing
  8. KY-LX

    Mustangs hate us lol (funny)

    i have yet to be beat by a diesel in my mustang but have seem some fast diesel sence they weigh aleast triple what my car does
  9. KY-LX

    New here...

  10. KY-LX


    Im a Boilermaker i dont have my tube welding paper yet but when i do it is on up in the $30 hr range i still got 2 more years in the apprenticeship program than i get my journeyman certs
  11. KY-LX

    my new floor

    looking good
  12. KY-LX


    If you have a stong local and good people running it then its good but if you dont your wasting your time as for my job nonunion start out around $16.00hr union $21.97 with killer pension, annuity,heath dental vision payed for so i can complain
  13. KY-LX

    Just Joined

    Welcome, love the truck
  14. KY-LX

    Ford vs Buick shootout Pics

    alot of nice mustangs there
  15. KY-LX

    Hello all

    you got GTs LX hatch and LX notch also know as coupe or a trunk car
  16. KY-LX

    Hello all

    thanks it is my toy
  17. KY-LX

    Hello all

  18. KY-LX


    truck pic
  19. KY-LX

    ANyone work for the railroad or coal mines?

    check for the unions taking in apprentices and apply that way
  20. KY-LX


    Great use the right to orgnize vote the union in
  21. KY-LX


  22. KY-LX

    Truck broken in I need to replace the door?

    mine is that way also the power door lock dont work on that side either the truck pervious owner didnt pay the bill and it was repoed so i say it happened then
  23. KY-LX


    seems like quiet a few of us proud American's here
  24. KY-LX

    Worst Road Trip Ever

    and i thought my troubles with the cps was bad

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