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    LED Headlight Bulbs

    Sounds good. When I was active in a car club we used to take the younger guys who purchased lights they thought were cool down to an overpass by the river. The evening fog was great for showing them their light pattern. Some were really surprised when they looked down at their car and saw the...
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    Learn something new every day.

    Learn something new every day.
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    LED Headlight Bulbs

    How's the light pattern? Have you driven in the snow or rain yet? Was there any light scatter? Thanks.
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    LED Headlight Bulbs

    People should remember that trucks sit higher so your lights will appear brighter to oncoming traffic. I used to take guys in out club out on foggy days to show them their light pattern. I'd take them up on top of the overpass and they would drive their vehicles under it and turn the lights on...
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    The Not So Good, The Bad and The Ugly......Our Stuck Story

    Hopefully, there is no next time, but if there is, dig a hole if possible to the tires and under the truck. Doesn't have to be wide, you just need enough to break the suction created by the mud. Sounds kinda crazy but its worked for me several times.
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    Android based radios

    That might work if the drain isn't too much. Otherwise, I have found some tips for getting one that boots fairly quickly. Some of the 8 core units I saw were booting in the 20 second range. That's livable, especially if they return to the last state. The last thing I last thing I want to do is...
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    Android based radios

    I've found some that boot in about 20 - 30 seconds, but I'm trying to find one that will go into a hybrid sleep mode and will wake in ~10 seconds.
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    Android based radios

    Actually, it's very similar. The Android O/S can be installed on many devices. It can be optimized to get better performance, faster boot times, etc. One store that I went to, I asked them to reboot the music player so that I could see how long it took to boot up and see if the camera was...
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    Android based radios

    Has anyone installed one? I'm really wanting one, but I'm wondering what the boot time is. For short trips, it could be really annoying.
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    Question Adding USB/AUX Connections Without Changing the Radio?

    Have you looked at this item. I don't have it in my Ford, but I have one in an older Subaru and it works well. I get some interference from the ignition system, but unless it's on pause or nothing is playing, it's noticeable. (This isn't the one I get the em noise from. It's a much older one.)...
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    Death Wobble!!!!

    That's crazy. You'd think they would have figured this out by now. I've usually heard that it was related to after marker or wear, but a number of people have new stock trucks and are experiencing the same thing. :/ I hope you get your truck back quickly.
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    Death Wobble!!!!

    You can just call Ford or visit the service center with and they can check your VIN to see if your vehicle is effected.
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    Death Wobble!!!!

    There was a recall on this, have you checked with Ford? I received a notice, but I have never had a problem. Just wondering, are you running stock or aftermarket rims?
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    Ford is getting hit with a $4.2 billion class action suit!

    That would be interesting because I don't think anybody purchased the SuperDuty for low emissions. After reading the article, it seems that most truck won't be affected because most people don't use half of a trucks actually capability.
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    LED Headlight Bulbs

    LEDs headlights are great, but beware betting into the brighter is better trap. I purchased some years ago that put out 1200/2000 lumens. Compared to the incandescents 1000/1650 lumens. The light was whiter and the road was clearer. Now that I'm replacing them, I keep seeing lights advertised at...
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    6.0L alternator

    I purchased a 140 amp alternator from Autozone about 4 years ago and it still works great. I paid about $150.
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    Fuel Tank Hose

    I believe it's part of the fuel vapor system.
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    Question Blue spring upgrade issue

    Did you test your pressure before and after the update? I purchased the blue spring upgrade, but I'm waiting until I have a tester. I'm curious what my pressure is now and what it changes to.
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    Question Stuck in 4x4

    Have you tried using the pin point tests to identify the problem? I used them and was able to trace down a similar problem, except my truck was stuck in 4x4.
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    Coolant flush procedure

    Dieselsite coolant filter. I'm actually going to be ordering this unit, hopefully before winter. I was just trying to find the best way to flush my system. I'm going to check with a local shop. They used to offer a reverse flush which really brought all the crap out, but I don't know if...
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    Question 6.0L PowerStroke (International VT 365)

    I know one of the parts is on the fuel/water separator. The Ford unit uses a plastic plug and the International unit is a brass replacement. Another piece that a friend found out about the hard way is on the oil (hi-pressure?) side. Ford used a some part that is prone to failure...
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    Question Complete Dual Bypass Engine Oil Filter Kit

    By-pass units. Thanks. I wrote the guy and asked some questions which he wouldn't answer so I was pretty sure it wouldn't work. But it never hurts to ask. :) I guess I'll probably stick with the Amsoil unit.
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    Question Complete Dual Bypass Engine Oil Filter Kit

    Complete Dual Bypass Engine Oil Filter Kit :dunno Anyone see this? Is this for real. The kit looks complete, but it's 1/4 the price of other units I've seen. ~FORD/Dodge/Complete Dual Bypass Engine Oil Filter Kit~:eBay Motors (item 360153370686 end time Oct-04-09 06:02:39 PDT)
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    Coolant flush procedure

    Alternative way to flush coolant system. :innocent Just wondering... Couldn't you undo the lower radiator house, hook up a garden hose to the upper hose (using a temporary adapter) and run the motor until the water comes out clean, then run the distilled water through, drain and add the...
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    Question 6.0L PowerStroke (International VT 365)

    Just wondering. Anyone have or seen a parts equivalence manual? If I choose to have a part replaced, it would be nice to see what International offers. On a few parts, the International equivalent is brass, instead of plastic.

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