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    Upcoming Diesel Events in the Pacific Northwest

    Fall is a busy time for diesels in the Pacific Northwest. Here is a small list of things going on between now and new years: Sept 6th and 7th: NHRDA Division one Finals in Medford, OR Sept 20th and 21st: Operation Beach Cleanup. Washington Coastline Sept 27th: Northwest Ford Diesels Fall...
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    Is the 99'/00' 32 spline steering box problematic?

    I've been hearing about this for YEARS!!!! They come in phases for some reason. DOnt hear about any for awhile, and then pow, like 10 of em! This just recently popped up on TDS the other day too, Except I think it was an 01 that had the failure. I think almost every failure has been low...
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    freakin thieves!!!

    actually, the reason for stealing the plates is so they can steal another t-bird, throw your plates on it, and when the cop runs the plates, it doesnt come back stolen. This of course is just if a cop is following you cause they are looking for a stolen t-bird. If they actually pull the...
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    HPOP Gauge options!

    saw your post. One thing to consider tho, if they have any 10k style mods, to include edge ez, banks 6-gun, edge juice, SP diesel, or any other power adder that plugs into the ICP circuit, your going to get false readings on the gauge if you use the factory ICP. You will need to install a...
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    Smoke on the Mountain Oct 21st 2006

    Smoke on the Mountain is an annual cruise up to Johnston Ridge Observatory on Mt St Helens. Started by Bob V two years ago, this is the third cruise up. We typically create our own convoys from bellingham, seattle, and portland and all meet at exit-68 on I-5 at "Spiffy's" and eat breakfast...
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    HPOP Gauge options!

    Yes, I have an AE, but I only know the readings for my truck, not Scotts. Plus, with the ICP disconnected to plug in the gauge, the truck goes into a "default" mode and makes up its own IPR values that are probably higher than normal. My next test is to bridge onto the ICP wire so that I can...
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    HPOP Gauge options!

    Just when you thought you couldnt add any more guages to your truck. With a little help from Scott at , we did some snooping and discovered that Autometer 0 to 100 PSI electric fuel pressure gauges can double as HPOP gauges. The reason for this is, the sending unit...
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    Forgotten ford website..

    Im around. You have to spell FORGOTTON just right to find me. Or do a search for CPS. That always puts me at the top of a google search.
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    I would be curious as to your results also. Stock IDMs do fail. So I have no doubt in believing a modded one would fail also. Did it take out a piston too? Thats hard to swallow, but without know more, who is to say. I've got like 3 IDMs sitting on my floor at home that I keep meaning to...
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    overhead read-out elect question etc...

    There are two temp sensors for air temp. Engine air temp sensor is in or near the airbox. The overhead readout sensor is in front of the radiator behind the grille. Its possible all you need to do is change out the sensor, or make sure the connector isnt corroded.
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    PSD Body lift kit vs intercooling

    I believe the term "Highboy" died with the late 70's trucks. There are no "factory highboy powerstrokes". If your truck is lifted, then it was done aftermarket. Even if the dealer did it, its still an aftermarket lift. 4" is the most common lift I see for the old style powerstrokes...
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    Screamers - LED Running Board lites

    200 a pair is WAYYYYY to much. Even the all red "line of fire" is down to like 40 bucks for even the long ones. Should be able to get amber for the same price.
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    10K/clamp/varipot mod poor man tuner

    1000 is ok tho. Its 1250 you dont want to exceed.
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    wrecked my quad today

    That video was almost all cuts stolen off the HUEVOS atv videos. The dude doing the water crossings is a pro racer, and he installed skis just under the front wheels to help keep the front end up. But I've seen guys on banshees go just as far as him with just balloon sand tires up front and...
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    10K/clamp/varipot mod poor man tuner

    I *STILL* run my adjustable 10k mod, even with my tuner. *JUST* the 10k mod and you shouldnt need to worry about egt's too much, although I always recommend gauges, even on stock trucks.
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    wrecked my quad today

    I do that on my banshee in the sand dune. Only wrecked once. Im usually in 4th or 5th wide open, and I sit as far back on the grab bar as I can and still hang onto the bars. Whatever you do, dont let off the throttle! And yes, almost all quads float, but they usually flip upside down and all...
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    clusters and CPS

    Did you check the OTHER end? The actual plug instead of the traces? Thats a pretty tight fit and I find it hard to believe its "falling out". Perhaps the contact pins on the connector need to be flared out a little? Most of the dash is somewhat computer controlled, especially all the lights...
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    clusters and CPS

    CPS only controls the TACH needle. You've pretty much traced the problem. You have a connector issue. Here is what the back of your dash looks like. I would check the copper traces for corrosion and try GENTLY rubbing them with a...
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    Front driver side inner fenderwell

    The foam is a piece of noise insulation that is glued to the plastic inner fender liner. When you remove the inner fender liner, the foam/insulation comes out with it. You have to pull the inner liner to get at the IDM, as it is INSIDE the fender, bolted to the cab near the door hinges...
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    The IPR will only go to 50% max (which equates to "open" half the time and "closed" half the time). Im not aware of any way to make the duty cycle greater than 50% (plus or minus a few). Hpops and o-rings and IPRs just fail. Also, the HPOP doesnt get "new" oil like your main bearings do...
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    ICP is not a valve, just a pressure sensor. The ICP tells the computer what it is seeing, and the computer makes changes to the IPR duty cycle. The IPR gets its pressure from the HPOP before feeding the "correct" amount to the heads. Your problem sounds like HPOP is not supplying enough...
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    the omen

    Its supposed to be *almost* a line for line remake of the original. even the sets are the same. Only some slight updating, like everyone has cell phones. His new "nanny" is different, in that she is "oh so sweet" compared to the evil nanny in the original version. Some say that that is...
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    AC switches to dash when in 4x4?

    Seriously tho, diesels do in fact have vacuum, or else they wouldnt start. The only exception to this were some 2-stroke diesels that had a crank driven blower to force air into the cylinders during startup. Some even had turbo/supercharger combos! The difference between gasser vacuum and...
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    AC switches to dash when in 4x4?

    Diesels *DO* have vacuum! Its called a vacuum pump, and its on the passenger side fenderwell. It controls your AC vent doors, and your 4x4 automatic hubs. WHat happens is (typically) the 4x4 vacuum lines ROT and leak. You will lose 4x4 actuation, and you will get your AC out the...
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    Unusual Bolt in stabilizer kit(take a look)

    My guess is for running twin stabilizers side by side (one on top, one on bottom) and not opposed (one on left, one on right) like what Im used too. Here is my OPPOSED SkyJacker kit.

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