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  1. J

    Where I'm working now.

    TG I'll keep you in mind if they start looking for mechanics here at boeing in St. louis building F-18s and F-15s if you would like to move a little south.
  2. J

    Help Needed Shift on the fly not working properly

    done any front end work lately I would suspect seals also because it worked one day and didn't the next. If a hose leaks its not going to be intermitent.
  3. J

    recycling internal parts morality

    as have also. I used to do furnace check ups at a crematory, I opened a cabinet and in a coffee can were all these "parts" wasn't expecting that. They are not as large as one would think.
  4. J

    radiator hose cold... water pump?

    if your getting cab heat water pump is moving coolant prob just not getting hot enough go drive it hard and see what happens. whats the outside temp.?
  5. J

    02 7.3 issues, not drivable

    You have to have ford enhanced software to read the trucks. did you try pluging it in first? better = likely glow plug check oil level? how long on oil change ? mine starts acting up with old oil and cold.
  6. J

    biodiesel vs wvo for 7.3

    sounds like you just need to do some more reading and it will all become clear. as you educate yourself to the pros and cons of both. each have good points and bad, educate yourself then make decision.And don't count out DYI for either project. my biodiesel processor cost me less than 500.US to...
  7. J

    Preparing for winter!

    Big joe hit the nail on the head! my 99 has sat over nite in -9 deg temps and started every time.
  8. J

    In case you had a bad day...

    been there done that too. I did hvac had a little smaller rollaway in the service trailer opened side door and out falls all kinds of crap rolling down the street.
  9. J

    Dot 3 brake fluid??

    DOT 4 fluid has a higher temp rating.
  10. J

    Clutch goes to the floor

    if you take it easy on the clutch it will dry out after a fuel leak been there done that takes about 1500 miles or so. I got 130*** on orig. clutch and now I'm flirting with 250***.
  11. J

    2000 7.3L smoking/hazing at idle????

    Unburnt fue!l I would expect that with stage 2's and a chip.
  12. J

    Clutch goes to the floor

    how many miles? I'll guess 120*** springs come out of the disc and at that point you need a new clutch when it happened to me I went with the LUK and love it lighter pedal with higher clamp load.And to save your question you do not have dual mass flywheel! Above post might be correct but I...
  13. J

    Laid Off. AGAIN!

    boeing is looking for assy mechanics in St.louis area.
  14. J

    What was your very FIRST car?

    sweet car my brother-in-law has his dads 40 plymouth coupe he also gave me my first car a 73 plymouth satellite 318 with 218*** miles.
  15. J

    Intake chiller

    Thats going to cool the bearings not the air.
  16. J

    Intake chiller

    You would be better off spraying water directly on the intercooler. But how much water you want to carry?
  17. J

    Help Needed HELP with trailer charging!!!

    and if you want to know which terminal in the plug does the job look here also a good reference to keep in the glove box.
  18. J

    Question dually fronts

    what is double duallys? are you talking 8 tires on the rear.........? You mean tandems!
  19. J

    4R100 made it to 94k miles!!

    I am talking about a ex. it pulled many a trailer including a 18' trailer through a hay field picking up bales
  20. J

    E350 leaking coolant - remove motor?

    I can't imagine having to pull motor to to change water pump. I've done 2, on a truck and an excursion and not needed too. I didn't think things were that tight on the vans!
  21. J

    Front axle hub bearing and seal HELP

    thats exactly what you need to do when driving the seal in you force the shaft in to far.
  22. J

    ac inop

    did you check the pressures with the compressor running?

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