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    mirrors, headlights, grill, etc

    Everything is SOLD
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    mirrors, headlights, grill, etc

    AIS is sold, so thats everything gone but the mirrors.
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    mirrors, headlights, grill, etc

    mirrors are now $600 plus shipping, insurance and fees if paying with paypal
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    mirrors, headlights, grill, etc

    mirrors are still available if anyone is interested.
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    mirrors, headlights, grill, etc

    Edge programmer SOLD
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    mirrors, headlights, grill, etc

    mirrors $625 plus shipping
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    mirrors, headlights, grill, etc

    Price drop Mirrors $650 plus shipping AIS intake $140 plus shipping
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    mirrors, headlights, grill, etc

    Mirror price drop $675 plus shipping
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    mirrors, headlights, grill, etc

    Sold Sold
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    #35 fuse blowing

    Well I got my new fuse panel in tonight. The truck does fine if you get in and put a new fuse in the #35 spot until you cut the switch off and it throws juice to the dome light. I have narrowed it down to it being something under the drivers seat shorted out. Gonna pull the seats out in the...
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    #35 fuse blowing

    Thanks for the link
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    #35 fuse blowing

    Do you have any idea where I can find a wiring diagram that would cover these items?
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    #35 fuse blowing

    Thanks JL. I pulled the panel out and can make a connection between the prong on the back for the power coming into the hot leg of the #35 fuse but cant find power going out any where. So that leads me to beleive something is burnt inside the fuse panel itself. You can take the back cover off...
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    #35 fuse blowing

    My '03 f250, 6 spd keeps blowing the number 35 fuse for the instrument cluster. It also controls the radio, power windows. Its suppose to have a 10 amp fuse in it and I put a 25amp in it. Now the above items quit working and the fuse wasnt blown. I have figured out that I burnt something up in...
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    Aftermarket seat covers

    I have personal experience with the wet Okole's and I reccommend them! They are pricey but I have a set in my old Yota and my F250. I have had the set in my yota for over 4 years and there is no evidence of wear on them. The only thing I thought would be a problem with the set in my F250 is they...
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    Retractable Air Hose Reel Installation

    Good idea ya got there Stephen. I would really like to add on board air to my truck. I guess for the ones worried about the reel getting clogged up with road grime you could fab up a cover to go around it. Something in stainless steel maybe..... Where are you guys getting the compressors from?
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    I mounted mine on the hump and made a stainless steel cover for it. I mounted the box to the cover and used self tapping screws to mount it to the floor. As far as uses I have found many......laptop, cell phone, christmas lights in a parade, blender to mix the ladies drinks! All kinds of stuff.
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    Question 2003 F250 mirror questions

    Yes they are the OEM tow mirrors, and they do extend. I did cut the plugs off of mine and used them with my new mirrors but he can just cut the plugs off of his mirrors and use them with these, or just do away with the plug all together and solder the wires like most people do. He more than...
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    Question 2003 F250 mirror questions

    If the mirrors he has do not have signals or heat, he will have to run the wires for those options. I had the power tow mirrors on my '03(without heat or signals) and upgraded to the '08 mirrors, and had to rewire. By the way I still have those '03 mirrors if anyone is interested.
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    Reese Hitch

    I never went anywhere with the idea, but I have done it for a couple friends.
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    need some help on upgrading my stock mirrors

    I have the '08 mirrors on my truck and love them. They took a little getting used to at first but well worth it. Now I have heat, sigs and the blind spot mirror is GREAT!
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    Bucks Fighting.....Lots-O-Pictures !!!

    I've seen a few fight's before but never got anything on film. Nice pictures.
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    Humor I hate going to gander mountain during a sale

    Just picked up anew gun today myself. Got me one of them souped up pellet rifles. Finally joined everyone else and got a 17HMR.
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    Good digital camera

    I have a sony and my wife has a cannon. They are both old cameras, from back when 5 megapixels was about as high as you could get. Over the years the shutter on my sony has started to hang and i have to open it by hand but for what that cameras been through I'm not going to complain. The wife...

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