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  1. black_cloud_stroker00

    Truck Show 2nd Annual Nebraska Diesel Show

    click here Nebraska Diesel Show
  2. black_cloud_stroker00

    Truck Show 2nd Annual Nebraska Diesel Show

    CALLING ANY AND ALL DIESEL TRUCKS!!!! DYNO DAY!!!! This amazing event will be hosted by This one day event will take place at the Buffalo County Fair Grounds in Kearney, Nebraska. This will be held on May 9th from 9 a.m. until about 6 p.m. There will be four (4) different...
  3. black_cloud_stroker00

    winter grille cover...

    is that the alaska tarp one?
  4. black_cloud_stroker00

    winter grille cover...

    looking for a winter grille cover for my truck, any ideas??? i've found "FIA" brand everywhere but i don't like that kind. something else please, thanks!
  5. black_cloud_stroker00

    Nebraska Power Strokes cook out

    it's at Pioneers Park in Lincoln, NE on Oct. 12th at noon. feel free to stop by or pm me for any info.
  6. black_cloud_stroker00

    Oil crossover line

    an FX or BXX hose should be perfect. 5000 psi
  7. black_cloud_stroker00

    "Nebraska Powerstrokes" local chapter

    This is just a Nebraska thing, sorry.
  8. black_cloud_stroker00

    "Nebraska Powerstrokes" local chapter

    just checking again...
  9. black_cloud_stroker00

    "Nebraska Powerstrokes" local chapter

    any nebraskans interested?
  10. black_cloud_stroker00

    "Nebraska Powerstrokes" local chapter

    If any Nebraska residents are interested, we are creating a local chapter for nebraksa powerstroke owners. please check these links for info...
  11. black_cloud_stroker00

    Talk about the 7.3L CPS Here!

    where did you get the spare CPS? i bought mine through ebay, and with a receipt from Paypal, Ford is refunding me that money including shipping. I had to raise a stink, but i got it done.
  12. black_cloud_stroker00

    turbo upgrade

    get a good turbo, a used 6.0 i/c and stage 2 inj. from rosewood diesel and you should be under $3k
  13. black_cloud_stroker00

    Banks wheel

    just a quick refresher, does the wheel itself solve turbo surge?
  14. black_cloud_stroker00

    water - meth injection

    where are you mounting the nozzle(s)? if you mounting it in the intercooler tube, i would recommend a bung. i mounted my tank and pump and it was not a problem. your going to need extra wire and hose. you will probably need a solenoid too. talk to snow about that.
  15. black_cloud_stroker00

    fuel leak

    what is International's part # for the assembly? and or Orings?
  16. black_cloud_stroker00

    fuel leak

    i could get just the orings for about $10. Can the valve really go bad?
  17. black_cloud_stroker00

    fuel leak

    and the valley is wet too.
  18. black_cloud_stroker00

    fuel leak

    changed the oil today and I noticed a small drip that smelled like diesel. it's coming down the passenger side of the motor, down the bellhousing and is dripping down from midway of the transmission. I couldn't find the source. any cheap ideas? possible fuel bowl o-rings? fuel (elevation)...
  19. black_cloud_stroker00

    Favorite Special Edition Super Duty

    this is not nationwide, but is by far my favorite. i saw this down in florida, it's a Southern Comfort package. No doubt an option from that specific dealer.
  20. black_cloud_stroker00

    water - meth injection

    don't know, never tried it. hopefully someone else can help.

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