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  1. Hoss6.9

    Post Pics of your OBS here

    The New Arrival.... Well - It's not a PSD but, it's a 7.3NA IDI and it is really nice. 1993 F350 5 spd top loader. 167,000 on the clock... Love it so far....
  2. Hoss6.9

    Wiring Harness.....

    I am in need of the wiring harness that is with a Ford AIC. I bought an AIC on fleabay a while back that was supposed to be complete and got sent just the head and no harness. Seller says sorry and you can't buy just the harness from Ford... Can anyone help? [email protected] Thanks!
  3. Hoss6.9

    What are you paying for fuel now?

    Fuel Prices Here in NE Indiana the last I knew a couple of stations that are about 25 miles from here were at $2.689 tax exempt and $2.799 non exempt for diesel and I put gas in the wifes van last nite for $1.789.... Hoss....
  4. Hoss6.9

    RIP "Snowman" - Jerry Reed passed away...

    Just heard over at that Jerry Reed passed away early yesterday morning in Nashville at 71 from complications from emphasema.... Gotta love Jerry Reed..... RIP "Snowman"...... Hold on to your ass Fred..... East Bound and Down for the final time.... YouTube - Smokey and The...
  5. Hoss6.9

    A classic movie

    That is interesting..... That is a neat video and so is the site.... Thanks speeder!
  6. Hoss6.9

    Trip is over....

    Talked with Maxtor last nite..... He said to let everyone know that they were all good and still in their travels towards Reno, NV.... Hitting there 250 miles a day. He sounded really tired from hitting the road so hard and said that he wouldn't be on for a while. Until they got to a point...
  7. Hoss6.9

    Trip is over....

    Bad Situation Lloyd! Hey Lloyd! Sorry to hear of the illness! We will definitely miss out on seeing you all, but you've got to go where the situation demands. Again - I (we) are so sorry to hear of this. Please know that our thoughts and prayers go out to your wife's niece and family and...
  8. Hoss6.9

    The trip is on.

    Love the pics. Lloyd! Hey Guys! Looks like they've seen some beautiful country, even with the troubles catching them. Thought I'd post. Took the wife and kids out for a bite yesterday afternoon and tax exempt diesel was $4.099 on the way into town. Knew I needed fuel, but thought I'd...
  9. Hoss6.9

    note Everyone keep Maxtor(s) in your thoughts!

    Hey All! I had a visit on the phone with Maxtor (Lloyd) this morning. He has been staying in touch and keeping me (us) informed of their travels and such. As of today - they are still in Oklahoma. 60mph winds last nite. Tornado passed within about 3 1/2 miles of the rv park that their...
  10. Hoss6.9

    diesel strike april 1st-5th-dont buy diesel

    National News... Hey Guys! I did see it on the Nat'l news... There are numerous co.'s going along with it and I AM IN TOO! I am not figuring on buying any diesel until afterwards. Big truck is still full from last work (in Dec.) And the pickups are alright. I'll just drive the blazer of...
  11. Hoss6.9

    where did everyone go?

    Present.... :doh:
  12. Hoss6.9

    Washed the truck.

    CLEAN............... Loooooooking Gooooooood! There Lloyd...... Got an eyeball on the Lukester too! (Chico and The Man) No need to wash here! We got mud here and lots of it. Got sleet/SNOW last nite then to rain.... Mother nature is taking care of the wash job, Just not quite...
  13. Hoss6.9

    How do you wake a sleeping bear??

    EEEEEEKKKKK! Glad it's you and not me! My MIL only lives 20 miles away. My wife has NOTHING to do with her and I can't stand her AT ALL.... If she came for a visit for a week - She would be the only one here. We'd leave before she got here and take all the animals with us!!!!!! I can't...
  14. Hoss6.9

    Out of the mouth of babes!

    Yeah! My dad was walking around in a grocery store many years ago wearing a cowboy hat. A little boy came up to him and said: Mister - Was you a little boy when the indians was here???????? Dad laughed a big laugh and said: Yep - I sure enough was! LOL <= Check out that wheelie...
  15. Hoss6.9

    184.078 Gallons equals $655.13

    Itty Bitty Kitty! I'm a gettin' 6.3-6.8 with my kitty CAT! :tounge :sly :doh::hail:notworthy
  16. Hoss6.9

    Lonely trip

    The trip! Hey There! We'll still be here in Indiana. And be glad to catch up with you. If it works out in your travels. Keep us posted.!!!!
  17. Hoss6.9


    Sorry to hear it red! I see you have gotten plenty of good advice here already. So I won't try and add anything new. Keep your head up and get to lookin! I know getting slow in the winter for me makes it kinda hard to get into the motions again in the spring! See Ya. Talk to ya in...
  18. Hoss6.9

    Just got a $50,000 oil change

    Nice Truck! Man Oh Man! That's a beautiful truck. Blue and gray is my favorite combo. But, then again. Blue is my favorite color too! Glad that it worked out for ya. And I'm glad that I DON'T have the payment book for it......
  19. Hoss6.9

    Happy B-day to Me

    Happy Balated B-Day! Hope you had a good one. And are priming for another one next year! :Birthday 5
  20. Hoss6.9

    Sad day in the hot rod world.

    What a shock! Wow! That's a shock! I hadn't heard that he had been ill. He was the type of guy (by seeing his show) that either you liked him or you didn't. But like all have said. He was a credit to his craft and made some cool wheels too. Rest In Peace - Boyd! All to all of his...
  21. Hoss6.9

    Youngin from Kentucky

    Welcome! Welcome aboard! You will find alot of great help and support here when you are in need of some. It's nice to know you can come here and feel a little better when you go.
  22. Hoss6.9

    Post Pics of your OBS here

    The OBS..... Here's mine! Hoss.... :sweet :cool: ;tu
  23. Hoss6.9

    I need thoughts and prayers guys!

    Here's her pic. Thanks to All!
  24. Hoss6.9

    I need thoughts and prayers guys!

    A card of thanks! Hey All! I would like to thank you all for the responses and thoughts and prayers. Had the internment last monday morning.... Got thru it all and now is the time to start the readjustment.... She will be missed by many and remembered by all.... Again! From the entire...
  25. Hoss6.9

    I need thoughts and prayers guys!

    Hello All! It's been a rough Couple of days! I lost my mom thursday nite about 6:45pm... Surprise! My wife found her.... I could use the thoughts and prayers guys! Thanks to all in advance for the prayers. Good Nite All! Hoss and family! She is with my dad now. He's been gone...

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