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  1. 95_stroker

    11 year member, haven't been around for 4.

    Robert, if I told you where i was lost at we'd both need a drink.
  2. 95_stroker

    11 year member, haven't been around for 4.

    Thanks Joe, not too many say that.....:eek:
  3. 95_stroker

    New forum software..

    Looks good Shag.:clap:
  4. 95_stroker

    Help Needed At a crossroads..

    Mike did what?
  5. 95_stroker

    Old Fart getting Married

    Congrats Dave. Happy to hear of this.
  6. 95_stroker

    Announcement Site Ownership >>>Shaggy<<<

    Gents - I'd like to introduce a new name/face to all of you. Korny AKA Bryan is the new owner of and If you'll look at his profile you'll see he has been a member here for a long time, albeit not an active participant or poster, nonetheless a long...
  7. 95_stroker

    Alabama Wins BCS Championship

    Brent Mussberger pointed her out. :D
  8. 95_stroker

    Please help!!!

    What is the basis of the lease being pulled Dennis?
  9. 95_stroker

    R. I. P. JR Ewing

    R I P Larry.
  10. 95_stroker

    Happy thanksgiving

    Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all. Got one on smoker and one getting ready to go in the deep fryer.
  11. 95_stroker

    Big Joe

    Happy Birthday Joe
  12. 95_stroker

    Happy Birthday 95_stroker

    Couple shots from last weekend, we spent the weekend in Island Park ID and YNP/GTNP.... enjoy! The most photographed barn in the world... and in B/W... From the Norris Basin Old Faithful
  13. 95_stroker

    Happy Birthday 95_stroker

    Thanks Dave!!
  14. 95_stroker

    Can finally post

    Click 'Settings' at the top of the page>My Account>General Settings>Thread Display Options>Default Thread Age Cutoff>Show All Threads.
  15. 95_stroker

    Can finally post

    Forum upgrades had to happen guys, there were numerous security issues with the old version that could not be repaired. I agree it looks a little bland right now, this is just the standard vB package and look. We'll get a few themes picked out and loaded to spruce things up a bit. Lee is...
  16. 95_stroker

    What do you do?

  17. 95_stroker

    FICM Failed

    I feel your pain.
  18. 95_stroker

    Any Utah SDD Members?

    SW Wyoming.
  19. 95_stroker

    Aluminium.... Bah!

    Baddog is a sponsor here and his aluminum polish is the schitt!!
  20. 95_stroker

    BTS vs. ATS vs. Reputable Local Builder

    Who is your local builder? Claims of being better than Brians trannys are pretty steep.
  21. 95_stroker

    Humor Heck with this, I need to quit & go to work

    I feel the pain JL. I spent 2 hours welding on my "cracked to hell" DuAl loader so I could feel ok about pushing snow and when I finished I went to try it out and broke the front end off my "M" Farmall. What more can a guy ask from a 50 year old loader mounted on a 70 year old tractor?
  22. 95_stroker

    installed fog lights now no crank

    Check all your fuses, under dash and under hood. Where did you tap into for the fog light power ?
  23. 95_stroker

    pmt with pyrometer

    Coat your tap with grease also, makes the shavings stick to the tap.
  24. 95_stroker

    stripped head on exhaust manifold bolt ??

    Your local auto supply store should have them on the shelf.

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