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  1. JOAT

    ABS light and no tc lockup

    I've heard of that before but don't remember the exact cause. The obvious is check all the fuses and make sure none of the signal bulbs have broken shorted filiments, including the 3rd brake light. The RABS control module is near the glove box IIRC, so you could check connections to that...
  2. JOAT

    oil storage

    I had a half tote of corn oil sit over a year and mostly it was Ok. Some rancid stuff did occur but settled into a layer at the bottom. The stuff above it was fine and still titrated the same as when I got it (0.8)
  3. JOAT

    Anyone using Vegistroke??

    My WVO system is based on Jasons original ideas before he started Vegistroke, and I have ran over 60,000 miles on it so far. I have seen 2 other systems that he installed and they are very professional looking and the owners had only great things to say, including one who had to have an earlier...
  4. JOAT

    Strange coolant leak

    I can't think of any place on top for coolant to leak. Don't know if there's a plug on the back of the block or not, but that would be a place to look. The rear oil cooler header is maybe close enough that a leak could get blown back in the flywheel cover when driving, but thats just a wild...
  5. JOAT

    Fuel pump -OR- clogged tank pickup?

    Wow Richard, that was more painful to read than you said it would be... Glad you're up and running tho. Much more of that and like me you won't go to a mechanic for anything.
  6. JOAT

    in line 10k mod. much better...

    Shimming the FPR just helps make sure there is enough fuel available to refill the injectors after each event. The ICP mod fools the PCM so it causes more fuel to actually be injected. So the ICP really increases performance, whereas the FPR shim just keeps you from possibly losing performance...
  7. JOAT

    idler arm

    Yeah, either lower ball joints, or an illusion caused by loose tie-rod ends and/or bushings on the 2 and 4wd front suspensions. When the toe is set proper going forward, any play in the above when backing allows considerable movement of the front of the tires inward, and even more to the back of...
  8. JOAT

    Running Cold?!

    Same here, my 203* 'stat barely squeeks me up to the "N". Every once in awhile the gauge will jump around a bit, but essentially it's no more useful than an idiot light. If it starts hovering about the middle in long stop and go episodes in summer, I know I blew a fuse on the electric fan :)
  9. JOAT

    Anyone tried radio or portable bluetooth handsfree cell stuff in our trucks?

    Finally got a deck I am reasonably satisfied with. Blew several breaks, evenings, and all of Saturday getting there tho -mad I first tried a Sony MEX-BT2500 deck with bluetooth ($200). Surprisingly almost no diesel noise gets thru to the person you are calling, but the built in mic amplifies...
  10. JOAT

    Tranny line size.

    IIRC when I did mine I was told that some are 3/8 and some are 5/16. I'd say measure it to be sure. Mine btw was 3/8.
  11. JOAT

    Anyone tried radio or portable bluetooth handsfree cell stuff in our trucks?

    I know hang up and drive:p I use wired hands free with the cell all the time no problem. Just curious if anyone had tried the speakerphone type, particularly the bluetooth ones built into the stereo. Curious if the diesel noise is an issue. The built in speakerphone in my Samsung a707...
  12. JOAT

    Suspension Bushings etc.

    I haven't noticed any squeeking from mine yet. They have been in a good 100,000, and are still in awesome condition. I had to pull the front end off a while back for another repair and the grease the energy suspension bushings come with seems to stay on them pretty good. Of course with all the...
  13. JOAT

    Turning grease to fuel and despair to hope.

    Hey Richard, cool link :sweet Soooo... thinking of hiring any SF homeless to help with your collection activity yet? :D
  14. JOAT

    400,000 miles Today! (but the stupid odometer went to 300,000)

    Makes you wonder what they were thinking. Just lazy programming? Not enough memory? Just seems wrong to make a 6 digit odometer that won't go to 999999..... Truck still runs awesome tho, I'm sure in a couple years it will break 500k if I can keep from getting hit.
  15. JOAT

    AC High Pressure service port on discharge hose

    I checked a bunch of places, I can't find anyone with a new replacement. The AC places and a Ford parts guy were familiar with the problem. I may get one from a junkyard eventually, but the check valve is just a soft rubbery thing that eventually gets soft and fails with age and heat. Stupid...
  16. JOAT

    400,000 miles Today! (but the stupid odometer went to 300,000)

    You gotta watch that kind of humor Richard, I'm guessing there wasn't a Woman around when you typed it :D Thing is, that couldn't be the case with my truck anyway. My kinda gal would never feel she needed to lie about her age...
  17. JOAT

    400,000 miles Today! (but the stupid odometer went to 300,000)

    Kind of took some of the excitement of hitting 400,000 away. I watched it roll over, and it went to 300,000 instead. Wierd. Anyone else had the odometer malfunction?
  18. JOAT

    Help with fuel issue

    You'll need to isolate where the fuel stoppage is. Sounds like the selector valve is a good starting place due to the noise. Disconnect hoses and start checking to see if you get any fuel through.
  19. JOAT

    AC High Pressure service port on discharge hose

    Dang plastic checkvalve blew out in the service port. Typical, Ford is telling me it's only available with the $200 hose even tho it is removable and looks fairly standard, just a different thread than others I've seen. Checked a couple parts places and so far no luck. Anyone know if it's...
  20. JOAT

    Richards Revenge (aka biodiesel ate my HP fuel line)

    From the front of the heads to the Fuel Pressure Regulator (on the side of the filter housing), There are 2 of them.
  21. JOAT

    Richards Revenge (aka biodiesel ate my HP fuel line)

    Hose shop for a fabricated hose would be more like a hydraulic hose shop. Usually listed under "hose and fittings". They can build you a slick stainless braid over teflon hose using the old one as a pattern.
  22. JOAT

    Richards Revenge (aka biodiesel ate my HP fuel line)

    You're thinking of 30R7. SAE 30R9 is flouroelastomer barrier lined, highly resistant to biodiesel and all other fuels. The outside is not as resistant so spills should be cleaned off.
  23. JOAT

    Richards Revenge (aka biodiesel ate my HP fuel line)

    Heh heh I never had any hose problems running bio till you did. (troublemaker...) :D I almost called you from Monterey to see if you could look up a hose shop for me on superpages, but then I found a phone book. Turns out there aren't any there, closest was Salinas. So I improvised...
  24. JOAT

    Richards Revenge (aka biodiesel ate my HP fuel line)

    I ran B100 a few times a couple years ago, then Veg. Went to homebrewed B100 in December, so another 5 months, 22,000 miles, 1000ish gallons. I'm going to redo both hoses tonight if I can get by the hose shop. The other hose still looks ok, but I don't want to see how long it will last. I'll cut...
  25. JOAT

    Richards Revenge (aka biodiesel ate my HP fuel line)

    Just felt I had to blame Richard (hheynow) somehow:sly Original high pressure fuel line, so really my fault for letting it go so long. After a 2 1/2 hour road trip, I pulled into the parking garage by the Monterey Bay Aquarium and smelled biodiesel. Looked and saw a trail leading back...

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